Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cleaning House

Over the past few days I've removed the things on my Facebook page that has been holding me down, and keeping me from growing. Not only in my personal life but also in my spiritual one as well. I've also removed many of the blogs I used to follow simply because they were attached to people, places and things that are no longer important.

Here's a thought, IF you have removed yourself from my life on Facebook, wouldn't it be smart to do the same in blogland? I'm sure you aren't interested in the things I will be posting from here on out. And if you do hang on and see something you PERCEIVE as a direct hit on you or someone you know, that will be YOUR guilty conscience speaking.

I'm tired of fraudulent people and I'm throwing them out of my life like I would throw out the trash.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hey Vickie!! Where Have You Been??

Let me tell you, it has been CRAZY busy here in the Sand Hills of North Carolina. I am so blessed to be able to not work outside of the home at a job that everyone knows I wouldn't be happy at. I thank Goddess each and every day for Jimmy and his willingness to drive that truck of his over many of the same highways he traveled just a few days prior. I absolutely LOVE taking care of Ravyn! Even though she is a typical 2 year old and tries my patience on a very regular basis, I wouldn't trade this time for anything. Having her and her Mom living here with us makes me smile so much, I have permanent smile lines now, LOL!

I just finished what has proven to be my most favorite class thus far (U.S. Constitution) and I am excited to let you all know I've added another course of study to my current program. I'm still majoring in Complementary and Alternate Health with one minor in Entrepreneurship and I've added a minor in Political Science and Government. As I sat here at my computer screen and watched the manner in which the legislators of various states crammed their idea of how a woman is supposed to take care of her body according to the government down everyone's throats, I became so enraged I just knew I had to do something to be able to add my voice to the ones who are STILL after all these years fighting for equality for women. Or whatever other cause I find myself passionate about.

As you all can plainly see, I haven't written much here in the past 2 weeks. I was keeping a pretty low profile during the most recent Mercury Retrograde. Even though I have learned how to ground myself which prevents me from doing the raving lunatic thing, this last one was a challenge. And after talking to many of my friends, I found out it was difficult for them as well. 2013 is turning out to be much more challenging than many anticipated... and I am SO happy we are just a bit over half way finished with this year that seems never ending. Come on 2014!

So many projects have come up... I still have Aoibheal's Attic and I really NEED to get back to sewing. On our recent trip to MD to see Mylia and Cheyenne, Mylia's partner in crime Nic brought me some of the most beautiful remnants I have ever seen. She at one time made garb for Ren Faire and she brought me a HUGE box of shiny, rich, plush fabric pieces she had stored away. I am itching to get into them and whip up some more Tarot envelopes and altar cloths. I've even found a few pieces that will make beautiful spread cloths too.

This past week, Jimmy & I were able to purchase the camera we  have been dreaming of for a long time. As a result of that purchase I will be launching *Enchanted Moon Creations* in the coming weeks. I applied for a copyright for the photography and the Tarot envelopes, and I have a couple more items I may add at a later date. So pretty soon, my hobby is going to officially be my career. I'll be working for myself and as I get closer to graduation, I've already got a couple things in the works for getting the holistic practice off the ground.

OH! I almost forgot... I am now the very proud owner of a Kindle Fire HD 8.9. The main reason is I can download my digital materials at Ashford and can get textbooks from Amazon so much less expensive than buying them directly from the bookstore. Of course I'll still be doing the normal Kindle things too and I gotta say that Kindle cloud holds a LOT!! I'll be taking this baby with me everywhere I go. I just hope it fits OK into the new purse I bought last night, LOL!!

Saturday I'm off to Raleigh to visit with one of my Sisters there. We are going to lunch and I think a couple more Sisters will be joining us. I'm super excited for this trip, I haven't seen them in over 2 years!!!! Before I return home to Hope Mills, I'm adopting a very large cauldron and have already chosen the perfect spot for it to make it's new home. Pictures coming sometime next week... after I figure out the new camera, YIKES!!

Next week, I've got a beach date with my darlin Amanda. She's between classes (did I tell you she's in graduate school?) and will be coming down on Tuesday, spending the night and then on Wednesday we are going to indulge in some very much needed and well deserved beach time. The only bump in these plans is figuring out which beach to go to... I'm thinking Myrtle Beach, but we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to FAIL at Business 101

I know many people in the Pagan community who are good as gold. Many of these same people are handcrafters and put their heart and soul into the things they make and then sell in their etsy shop, or on eBay or even in their own eCommerce storefront. Which ever way they do business with the public, they are honest, and timely in getting their orders taken, processed and then shipped out as soon as possible. And if there may happen to be a hitch in the process, they take the time to contact the person who has ordered something from them to let them know there will be a delay, and how long that delay will be. They also faithfully answer emails from customers and do not ignore anything. Why?? Because they know their reputation and often times their livelihood depends on great customer service.

Recently, there have been quite a few people who are unhappy with a particular store that sells to the Pagan community (Even more recently, it happened to a family member and I can't keep quiet any longer, *sigh). Some have placed orders in good faith and waited WEEKS for their item to arrive, even after the payment was deducted from their checking or PayPal account. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated instance with this company. I have seen post after post flood my Facebook News Feed on a daily basis about the way this company doesn't fulfill their end of the transaction. They also don't answer emails, but post excuse after excuse on their Facebook page about they didn't get any messages because their email or messenger has a glitch. All the while posting the new items they have for sale...

OK... I can be reasonable here. I know things can go wonky with email and messenger and Facebook more often than not, and especially during Mercury Retrograde. However, when an order is placed over 90 days ago, the money has been deducted from the checking account, item has NOT been received and you WON'T answer the numerous emails and messages, AND this seems to be a pattern for you, I can clearly see there is something wrong with the way you do business.

So, here is where I call the problem out by name. If ANY of you who read this have done business with this particular company and have positive customer service with NO problems receiving your merchandise, then I say Good for you. Unfortunately, there are just too many in my opinion, who have had less than stellar experiences with UmbraLight Metaphysics.

To UmbraLight Metaphysics I have this to say. IF you honestly are having issues with your email and messenger, you need to create a new email account so you can keep track of those people who are not happy with the way they have been treated. You also need to figure out how to improve on your customer service. Get your shit together or get out of business! Harsh?? Perhaps. But I know from the depths of my soul, if this had happened to me and my etsy store, there would be NO second chance. Word of mouth advertising is the most effective way to promote or ruin a business of any kind...