Monday, May 20, 2013

Counting the Days

It's ours... or it will be in 11 more days. We found a new house. On Friday May 31st, we will sign the new lease, take possession of the keys and property and begin moving in on Saturday the 1st. This has been the most un-enjoyable experience I have had in quite a long time.

I am more than thankful to be moving out of this place that has been making me so sick since sometime in November of last year. No more runny nose, no more wheezing, no more muscle aches. I am looking forward to being healthy again. These past 6 or so months have been just unacceptable. And now that we've found a place, given the landlord our 30 day notice of vacating this place, he has decided to make the necessary repairs. Unbelievable...

The new house itself is great, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths with a huge tub in the master so I can continue to enjoy long candle lit lavender baths at the end of my day. There is a wood burning fireplace in the living room  with built ins on each side (I'm going to use one of them for my altar), new appliances throughout and a new HVAC unit. In the dining room there is a built in china cabinet and in the corner next to the snack bar area of the kitchen/dining room there are built in corner book cases. I am extremely pleased with the location, the neighborhood is quiet with paved roads perfect for taking evening walks, and the size of the yard is HUGE!

The one drawback I have found is there isn't a covered porch. I LOVE the covered porch on the current house which gives me the ability to sit outside and enjoy the rain without getting soaked. Jimmy found a screen house with a floor that he thinks will work well on the front deck. I kinda like that idea too, it will give more protection from the mosquitoes since this one has an attached floor to help keep the pesky things out. I also love the trees and plants in this yard, something the new place has quite a bit less of. There are trees, and shrubs and 3 rose bushes, it's just not as green and lush as where we currently live.

On the positive side, this means I pretty much have a blank canvas to work with and will be adding some plants around the very large front deck. I'm taking the plants I put in here last summer: 2 hydrangeas  a gardenia plant, 4 violets, some of the spider-wort, the carnations and of course my herbs. I know I'm supposed to leave anything I've put in the ground. That's not going to happen. I'm buying planters/pots large enough to move my babies and will more than likely keep them in pots on the front deck.

We definitely will need to buy a riding lawn mower, with over a half acre of land it's just too much for a push mower. I'm thinking we are going to need another garden hose so we can water the lawn and keep it pretty and green (unless the irrigation/sprinkler system we found the control box for actually works). First up though is treating the entire yard for ants. I have never in my life seen so many ant hills! I have no desire to be a meal for any of them either. Jimmy has been looking at pools for the back yard, so when Ravyn is visiting (or I'm babysitting) we can go swimming.

I'm excited, but also a bit melancholy. I love the house we are in, I will miss it ... a LOT! (I won't miss the uncontrolled yapping dogs of the neighbors nor the pit bulls that won't stay in their yard behind us) But I am looking forward to all exciting things I can do in the new place as well. When we get things settled I'll post some pictures and share the experience of the new Chateau L`Esperance.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Over the past week here in the Sand Hills, we have had nothing but rainy cloudy days. Even though we have problems with Black Mold, we have never had water on the inside of the house. It always stayed between the walls, hence the reasoning of the landlord to say there was no leak and the roof had already previously been repaired. It rained so hard yesterday, that the roof began leaking ...

Yesterday evening I wanted to go sit out on the porch and enjoy the rain. It had slowed down quite a bit and wasn't blowing so the things on the porch were relatively dry. However, it was quite chilly so I grabbed my hoodie off the chair in the dining room and it was soaking wet. This chair sits in the corner of the dining room where the floor has rotted (so Ravyn doesn't fall in the damaged spot) and under where the black marks on the ceiling were. I was livid!! Instead of being able to go outside, I spent a good deal of time drying off my chair and then oiling it where the water had been so it didn't dry out or show water spots. While I was doing this, Jimmy called the landlord, and as usual he didn't answer so he left a message. He did call back last night somewhere after 10PM, telling us he would have to call his father (who is the actual owner of the place we live, but he lives somewhere in NJ so he has no idea what goes on here most of the time) to see if he wanted to fix the problem or not. I'm thinking to myself, WTF??

This morning he calls Jimmy and lets us know he's on the way to Home Depot to buy tarps to cover the area until they can get someone out to REPLACE the roof. Now keep in mind, this roof has been repaired at least a couple times and it seems to last about 4 or 5 years then there is more trouble. And... it IS a mobile home which is completely different than repairing a normal houses roof. No shingles, no tar. The landlord gets here sometime after noonish, and he comes in to see the area we have been telling him about. At this time he isn't much interested in anything except where the leak is on the ceiling (Read he's ignoring the hole in the floor). Up the ladder and onto the roof he and Jimmy go to spread out a tarp to cover the damaged area. I'm not positive this is going to work as he only brought 7 or 8 bricks to hold down a tarp covering a large area. If the wind kicks up we might be pelted with flying bricks.

After the tarp is all spread out Jimmy insists he come inside and actually LOOK at the floor. He gets down on his knees and runs his hand in the gap between the wall and the floor and finds it's wet and the wood has decomposed *just like we tried to tell him a few months ago to no avail*. He's not too sure what to do about this problem, and makes the comment somewhere along the line of just having the mobile home removed and building a normal house in it's place. WAIT!! You have a difficult time paying for needed repairs and you want to spend MORE money to build a house you have NO desire to be the landlord for? Oh wait, I remember. You told us you actually wanted to turn this rental over to a property manager, but they won't take a mobile home as old as this one...

All I can say is I am happy we are moving and there is NO way I can be convinced to stay here. There are just too many things wrong with this house and I'm tired of trying to get even the smallest and simplest thing repaired. The most recent problem is somewhere we have lost over half of the water pressure. Trying to take a shower is like standing under a drip irrigation system. And it takes the toilets a minimum of 5 minutes to refill after flushing. I'm serious and NOT joking AT. ALL!

I am going to miss the front porch though... it is one of my very favorite things about living here. That and the east facing windows to my Craft room...

Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Been A While...

since I've gone off on a tangent about something, so evidently today is the day for me to blog about a couple things that have been bothering me over the course of the past few months. I honestly have been trying with everything that's in me to just ignore stupid and walk away. However, when you find it all up in your face on a daily, no hourly basis, that makes it the MOST difficult thing to walk away from.

Remember, this is MY blog, with my thoughts. I'm not going to call anyone out by name and before you go all wacky on me thinking I'm talking about you, maybe you need to check yourself and see if the things I'm saying actually apply to your life.

First up is the constant change. I know you are going *Whoa Vickie, hold on here a minute, change is good*. I AGREE! However, I'm talking about those who change their life like they change their underwear. These people do not give themselves the chance to embrace the change they have made before they are off on yet another direction. How will they ever figure out who they are supposed to be, how they are supposed to live, which job is supposed to be their career, which spiritual journey is the one for them, IF they spend less than 5 minutes on each new change? And you are right, it is not my responsibility to tell them how to live and which journey is the right one for them. I just get irritated when on Monday someone asks for change, embraces a new direction and then before Wednesday even dawns, they have set of in another direction.

Along with these changes in their personal life, these same people go all bat shit crazy in the social media world. New FB pages, new blogs, new twitter accounts, new everything. I have to tell you, it's getting ridiculous the number of blogs, twitter pages and such I'm having to remove on a weekly basis. I've pretty much gotten to the point that I am not accepting new friend request from someone who has changed their FB account more than once or twice. If you don't like the way your current page is flowing, remove the things you no longer like, stop posting the things you find negative and just move the hell on! You don't need to continually create new pages. OH! And don't give me the excuse my husband's ex wife's sister was on my friends list. DELETE AND BLOCK THE BITCH! That's one of the BEST features about FB...that BLOCK function. I LOVE IT!!

Then there are those who consider themselves to be able to *write*. And once again, I am not talking about someone who has tried for years to put together a story. I am talking about those who out of the blue, wake up one day and say *I'm going to write a book and see if I can get it published*.

DISCLAIMER HERE: I know many already published and up and coming authors who have made many sacrifices and struggled to become published and known, I am NOT talking about any of you. I LOVE you all and respect your work. If you are thinking you see yourself here, you do not and if you want to know for sure, send me a message on FB and I'll clarify who I am talking about. I will not do it publicly.

The people I am talking about are the ones who actually shouldn't be writing anything in the first place. Not a blog, not a short story, not a letter or post card, and most assuredly NOT a book... of any kind. Their grammar, punctuation and choice of words leave more than enough to be desired. The sad part of this is that some of these same people feel they have the education and qualifications to actually teach our young people. I'm at a loss to understand how these people can hope to write a book, be an educator and NOT be able to spell correctly or form a sentence so those reading can not only understand what is being said, but not roll on the floor laughing their asses off at the stupidity they have tried to read.

If you fall into the above category and want to write, keep a journal, write in a diary, use your computer to keep things recorded. But for the love of Goddess, do not put your jumbled, inconsistent ramblings out where the public can see it. You are wasting your time and embarrassing yourself. If you only knew how many people are actually laughing at you, you would want to dig a hole, crawl into it and then pull the dirt and rocks in on top of yourself.

Lastly, there are those who for one reason or another have come to the realization that walking the Christian path is the way to go for them. To you I say great and I fully support your choice to believe and worship in any manner you so desire. Aannd, now we come to the meat of this part. When you say you are open minded and support everyone's choice of spiritual path, I'm like all... *good for you*. Then you turn around and disappoint me and everyone who doesn't belong to your cult by opening your mouth and saying you support religious freedom as long as it doesn't go against God and the Bible.

God and the Bible are NOT the only spiritual guidelines available and recognized, especially here in the good old U. S. of A. There are over 300 recognized religions and subsequent denominations. Your Christian Bible is NOT the one single source to be  holding over someone's head if they don't believe the way you do. Instead of making yourself look more ignorant than you already do, you may want to do a bit of research before you go spewing nonsense about how your religion is the one TRUE path to God. Maybe this is true for you, but not so much those who are Jewish, or Buddhist or Scientology, or *gasp* Pagan.

One more little thing and then I'm done... for this time. If you have your Facebook page set to public so any of us can see the nonsense you post and then post something that many of us know to be a lie, don't try and cover that lie by locking your page down where no one but your friends have access to it. Lies, no matter how small have a tendency to come out. And you cannot keep your stories straight no matter how you try. You would be better off leaving the social media sites all together and just being the *good little Christian* you want the whole world to believe you are. It's too bad many of us know exactly who you are, how you operate and how hard you try to be something you aren't and never will be.


Remember when I wrote about how I thought my house is making me sick? If you didn't catch that post you can find it here. Feel free to go on over and read that post so you are up to speed with what I'm about to write. Go on... I'll wait until you get back. All caught up?? OK, here we go...

Two weeks ago I found myself in the emergency room at our local hospital. Now, for those of you who know me other than just here in blog land, you know I have to be pretty damn close to dying before I go see a doctor, let alone visit the emergency room. This time I had no choice. On Tuesday I began to get sick, violently sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, headache so bad it was 100 times worse than the most painful migraine I've ever had. I spent all day Wednesday either in bed, or in the bathroom. I honestly couldn't stand up straight without the pain in my head knocking my knees out from under me. I wasn't any better by Thursday, so Tanya came and took me to the ER.

Now, I have to be honest here. I was very skeptical about going to this ER, I've heard nothing but BAD things about the hospital, the ER staff and the long unnecessary wait times patients have to go through (read 6 or 7 hours or longer at times). But, I was pleasantly surprised to find the triage staff took me right back to be admitted and were very thorough with their initial questions and exam. They sent me back out to the waiting room and imagine my shock when they called me back to an examination room a short 10 minutes later. I was in the exam room for about 15 minutes when the doctor came in and was very thorough in his questions and examination. Yes, I have now been *officially* diagnosed with Black Mold Poisoning. And need to move as soon as possible (he actually said within 30 days, but that's going to be difficult at best).

I've begun to show some more of the symptoms. I'm having difficulty breathing, I've found new muscle aches and the brain fog is just crazy. I have lost track of what I was doing or saying to the point I can't get it back and that throws me into a panic attack. I still have the runny nose which has gone from being a tissue issue to a paper towel issue. I can't even wash the damn dishes without stopping multiple times to catch crap running outta my nose. It is honestly like someone turned on a faucet... I am NOT joking. And then there's the coughing... don't even get me started there. Too many issues from coughing to write about. *sigh*

Because of all the issues I'm having, I contacted Ashford and have taken a 2 week break from classes. I cannot begin to describe to you how difficult it was to concentrate enough to get through my last 2 weeks of the class I was taking. My attention span was zero, and the headaches are unbearable at times. I contacted my academic advisor and she and I worked out a plan to give me a short break without running the risk of being dropped from enrollment. And when I do go back on the 14th, I will be completing the 5 classes required for the elective program before I go into the pre algebra and algebra classes. Thankfully those won't begin until the first week in November...

We are diligently searching for a place to move. If the rent works for our budget, the space does not or they won't accept pets (I've even offered to pay a nonrefundable pet deposit). I won't give up our furbabies. Mystik is 10 years old now and has begun to show signs of aging. She is as much a part of our family and Jimmy's sanity as breathing is. Then Chaos and Calliope not only help to keep me grounded they honestly *know* when I'm not feeling well and make sure Mommy has a fair amount of cuddles and snuggles.

We wanted and had actually planned to take a couple short road trips over the past 2 or so weeks. But with being sick, Jimmy's wheels turning at an unbelievable rate so he's actually racking up some pretty decent miles each week, and the task of searching for a place to move, we have had to put them on the back burner. For now, we have pretty much decided to postpone any trips until further notice. Now this doesn't mean we won't be spontaneous and jump in the truck one morning, it just means no definite plans... for now.

Welp, there you have the readers digest version of what's been happening here in the Sand Hills. If you don't see me posting here as often as I have been, this will help to give you an explanation what is keeping me from blogging. I've also found I'm not as active on Facebook as I used to be. I haven't lost interest in blogging or FB, I just literally have NO energy to sit at the computer for an extended time. I still love you all and miss you bunches, so I'm hoping you will stick around til I can get back to *normal*. Well..... normal for me at any rate, LOL!!