Monday, November 4, 2013

Who Is my Favorite Character of ALL Time??

This is the question asked today over at NaBloPoMo. I wish this wold have been a little more specific, such as favorite fictional character from a book or movie or ... hmmm.

I'm going with my favorite character from a book. This would be Skye O'Malley from one of my favorite authors Bertrice Small.  Skye O'Malley is an Irish lass in a male dominate family. She is a strong and brave character who has no problem fighting with pirates, the Dey of Algiers or even Queen Elizabeth.

Here is the lead in from the website of author Bertrice Small:

There has never been a woman like Skye O'Malley! Beautiful, wise, courageous, and intelligent; she becomes, through her own efforts, a woman of great wealth and power. She is brave enough to do battle with Queen Elizabeth I, and win! 

There are 6 books in the direct Skye O'Malley series with 6 more in the Skye's Legacy series. Yeah, I'm going to have to say Skye O'Malley is my favorite character of ALL time.  And even though she is only a fictional character she has so much her adventures could teach women of the world today.

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