Friday, November 8, 2013

Today NaBloPoMo Wants to Know What I've Learned About My Daily Blogging ...

It's not as easy as some may think. Everyone I know is busy, more busy than they have hours in the day. I'm right there with them. I'm not saying I have it harder than anyone else, I'm saying I TOTALLY understand how so many people can become overwhelmed in everything they do, including blogging.

While doing the daily prompts, I've found I rely heavily on them. I don't need to come up with a topic, just write about what thoughts I have because of the topic that has been presented. I've also found by utilizing the daily prompts I can write at a higher level of thought process.

The most important thing I've learned is if I want to be a successful blogger (and please don't think I'm all about the numbers. I'm not. IF you chose to read what I write, I'm ecstatic. If no one reads what I write, that's OK too. I write for me) I need to put more effort into my posts, continue to be honest with my thoughts and words but most of all to write from the heart and soul. To me that is what makes a successful blogger or writer of any written material.

As a side note here, I'm good with reading an occasional *guest post* on those blogs I follow, Goddess knows I've been a guest  blogger myself. However, I feel those who have a blog but do a very limited amount of the actual writing of the blog and rely on the efforts of guest bloggers or a compilation of contributors might want to re-examine their reasons for having a blog in the first place. To me, this seems a lot like they have no confidence in their own ability but are desperate for the increased traffic and statistics.

Just my thoughts on What I've Learned About My Daily Blogging...

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