Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Writing Space

NaBloPoMo wants to know where I write, and what my space is like.

It's pretty standard. We have a cherry table/desk in our bedroom that supports the desktop PC and both of our times on the computer. I'm online and the computer more often simply because Jimmy is driving and his home time is limited. Not only do I write the blog, I also have my classwork for Ashford and a million and one other projects I may be working on at the time.

There are many times throughout the day when I have a thought flash through my mind and I'll come to the computer and type it out in Word or a blog draft. I have been known to jot thought down on napkins or receipts which prompted the habit of carrying a notebook in my purse.

My area must be clutter free, if it's not, I organize the space before I try to write. I can't work in clutter and it spins my world out of control when things on my desk are a mess. I usually do most of the actual writing at night after the Witchling has gone to sleep or her Mommy is home to take care of her. The house is quiet and I can pound out my thoughts without interruptions or distractions. Most times, the furbabies, Chaos & Calliope are curled up in their bed (they took over one of the laundry baskets, so I put a couple pillows in it and they are more than content) next to me and every so often Calliope will try to get on my lap as I'm working. This usually means it's time for Mom to take a snuggle break and spend some time with her.

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