Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Proudest Moment

For the 30 Day Blogging Challenge I'm supposed to write about the moment when I was most proud. How can someone with 3 grown children and seven of the most amazing grand girls choose just ONE proud moment?? I can't and I won't even try.

There are SO many things in my life I am proud to have accomplished or proud that my children and grand girls have accomplished. My children have done some amazing things with their lives.

Mylia is a single mother working for NASA in Greenbelt MD, and she also lives with Chiari Malformation type 2 in addition to some of those other *you don't look sick* diseases (you know, fibromyalgia, crohn's, lupus) each and every day. She has one daughter Cheyenne, who is the light of her world. They look out for each other and sometimes I wonder who is the mother and who is the child. Cheyenne is VERY protective.

Tanya recently became a single mother living with hyperthyroidism and the possibility it is actually Graves Disease (undiagnosed due to no insurance), but makes sure everything she does is centered around and in the best interest of the Witchling. This is sometime more than challenging, but she's keeping strong. She also keeps in daily contact with the father of Angel, her oldest daughter who lives in Michigan.

My son Justin, not only works full time at Lufkin Industries in TX, but he is also a volunteer firefighter with his local fire department. And he has FOUR awesome and cute as a button daughters who excel at so many different things in their school and church life. Alanna, Micheyla, Taya & Cassandra are what keep my son and daughter in law Tiffany on the go all the time!

No, I can't give you ONE moment where I was the proudest. But, I will give you that I am most proud of my children and grand girls every day in everything they do.

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