Thursday, November 7, 2013

If I HAD to Change My Name...

When I was growing up I hated my first name with a passion. I had every nasty nickname hurled at me that anyone could imagine. And I dreamed of what I'd change my name to if I ever got the chance. For some reason, those names I chose never really resonated, I lost interest quickly and moved on to a different choice. At least for a few weeks.

One day I just literally woke up and said "hey!! there is NOTHING wrong with your name and as a matter of fact it pretty cool. Since then I've chosen an alias here or there for one reason or another, for email, or because I didn't want to share my given name. I've had ex husbands give me their pet name which I QUICKLY ceased to use or answer to upon separation/divorce.

But if I absolutely HAD to change my name, I'd want to know the circumstances for why the change was important. Did I need an alternate name/life/personality because I gave testimony against a hard time criminal and went into the witness protection program? Or, did I commit a crime under my birth name and needed a new identity to stay out of jail? Maybe it was something simple and easy, like one of my alternate names just became the name everyone knew me by and I decided to just make the situation hassle free and legal?

I guess in the end, I wouldn't want to change my name, voluntarily. Someone else would have to decide for me, and it would have to be one that stands out in a crowd. And lordy, PLEASE don't give me one of those crazy Hollywood star type names ... with my red hair and freckles it must absolutely be something with an Irish or Scottish flair. And NOT Mary!! There are just too many Mary's in the world and I am not like anyone else who has ever walked this plane.

Maybe Moira or Shiobhan or Payton ...

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