Wednesday, November 6, 2013

If I Could Change Just One Thing...

It would be that I need to stop being roped in to things. For the longest time I refused to get involved in anything that didn't resonate to a higher calling. Then I fell off the wagon and hitched my team to a broken, down on their luck, status seeking bully. And I  hung on with everything I had for a little over a year. I made excuse after excuse for the behavior I was witnessing.

Then one day I literally woke up and asked myself what the fuck are you doing? You are not a follower, you strike out on your own and lead. If people don't want to follow YOU, that is their problem.

When you remove those people from your life who resonate at a lower level than you do, it's like you are flying. NO!! Soaring! My vibrations are much more focused, not scattered like particles of dust, and I know where I'm going. What I need to accomplish to get there and the best thing??? I do not need to walk on, step over or climb on the backs of any one else to get there. I'm doing this all on my own and it feels like nothing I've ever felt before.

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