Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6 of 30 Days of Blogging Challenge

Today's question is "What are you afraid of?"

My biggest fear is being homeless. I've been close a few times and by the grace of the Goddess, things changed and we didn't find ourselves living in the car.

Now, I will admit to being considered homeless by North Carolina standards. When we first came here from Michigan in 2008, none of us had jobs, we didn't have a place to live and we stayed in a Motel 6 for six months. We were unprepared for the slow economy, lack of employment opportunities and housing.

Here's the deal, when we lived in Michigan, I worked for a company based in Atlanta GA that was expanding regionally by leaps and bounds. I had been promoted to General Manager and groomed for taking over a store that was under construction in Raleigh. Well... here's where things went south. We had already given our notice to the landlord in MI, Jimmy had given his employer 2 weeks and Tanya had done the same. Things were going along as scheduled when a BIG monkey wrench got thrown into the plan. Seems there was an issue with the retail space in the mall where my store was supposed to go. The current tenants didn't want to opt out of their lease like I had been told, so construction was rescheduled for November. Here it is April, and I have NO place to go, no job (the company couldn't give me a leave of absence for that amount of time, nor could there be 2 managers in a single store. AND There wasn't another store in the state  AT.ALL.), no house, ... NOTHING!

So, our scrambling to find something in MI in the time period I had to work with (read a few days here) didn't pan out, we put 99% of our things in storage, packed what we could get into a 98 Chevy Malibu and a 2006 Taurus and came on down to North Carolina. Surely we'd find something before our savings ran out??

I think I have selective memory when it comes to the time period between April 1 and October 25, 2008. There were jobs, (day labor wasn't an option. Seems NC doesn't do day labor like all the other places we've lived), lots of microwave food, and then I found a cute little 2 bedroom duplex that fit right into our limited budget, and with the help of a couple family members, the deposit and first months rent were paid and we moved in. Slept on the floor until someone took mercy on us and gave us a twin bed. Burned up some clothes in a dryer that had been left in the apt, and spent that Thanksgiving (Thanks Evonne) and Christmas more than thankful for the little blessings we'd been given.

Coming to North Carolina wasn't the best choice we've ever made, it's been tougher than both the move to MD from AZ and then to MI from MD combined. But we have survived. Even though things still aren't exactly where I had hoped we'd be, we are doing OK and living each day as it comes to us. Every night I send up prayers for the ability to move us all back to Maryland sooner rather than later...

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  1. Oh my! I sure hope you get your wish to move to Maryland soon, hon.