Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welp ...I did it, I've Fallen Off the Wagon

I'm talking about my commitment to participate in NaBloPoMo and NaBloWri Mo. I said I would write something for each day in October and and I am so far behind I don't feel like I can catch up. BAH!

Last year I did great, up until October 27th ... we won't talk about that date ATM. Even working behind the scene posting a daily blog for another project I was involved in I STILL made my daily entry for NaBloWriMo.

I do have a contribution for All Hallow's Grim 2013, So Good, So Dark over at Pagan Culture that will post tomorrow, but that is all I'm going to promise. I'm sorry I couldn't meet my obligation. Perhaps I will do better next year...

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