Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NaBloWriMo Day 9 ~ Something New

A couple weeks ago while Tanya was at work her store was robbed. This was the second time and this one really shook her up. Why this time and not the first? Easy... this time the guy jumped over the counter and got into her *personal* space (before the guy just stood on the customer side of the counter and flashed a knife, demanded money and left when she gave it to him). Even though there was no weapon involved in the second robbery, she was in more danger with him coming over the counter. SO, as a result she gave her notice and her final day will be this coming Saturday. Thank Goddess!!

Tanya is not one to sit around doing nothing... she HAS to work or she goes insane, I'm NOT joking. Luckily she has found something that is not only better, safer and she doesn't have to work nights, she will also be making more money. For now it's going to be part time, but after today working with the owner/boss, I have a very good feeling it is going to be full time work in just a few short weeks.

Here's where I get to be selfish. If/when it goes full time, she will be working 8-5 Tuesday through Friday and half day on Saturday with Sunday and Monday off. why is this selfish for me?? Because I won't have to freak out about having discussion questions posted on time (this was a problem when she worked nights on any random Thursday), nor will I stress over the assignments due on Mondays. But the BEST thing is the Witchling will now be able to have a *normal* schedule, normal routine and normal life (OK, except on the weekends when she goes to her Dad's).

Yeah, I see a bunch of positivity coming out of this change...

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