Saturday, October 5, 2013

NaBloWriMo Day 5 ~ I Bet You Thought I Forgot...

But I didn't. I've just been having a very nice relaxing, do nothing kind of day. The kind of day that I've not been able to enjoy in quite some time cause I'm either busy with school, or running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Jimmy is on his way back to NC from TX, Tanya worked this morning and the Witchling is at her Dad's for the weekend. That left the house ALL to me for the majority of the day. I've been reading, snuggling with the furbabies, watching mindless TV, HEY!! Have you seen that show on Animal Planet called Too Cute?? If you haven't you NEED to check it out. The only thing I did that used up any energy at all was I colored my hair and it's back to the dark with purple highlights I have for the fall/winter.

I'm thinking tomorrow may be a repeat of today, and maybe I'll do my nails... or not. I need to figure out how to have more week one weekends like this one. No assignments, no crazy hectic, frantic Vickie. Just calm, centered and peaceful... oh yeah!


  1. Sounds like it was just perfect and what your soul needed dear heart. Glad you had a day like that you've needed it! <3 you!

  2. Too Cute! is my Saturday defrag show. Sometimes (like today) they have all day marathons and since my body finally gave out on me and I caught a cold, that's what I watched all day when I was awake.

    There are two other shows that I watch, too. I guarantee that one will make you cry at least once and the second, I don't know.

    Pitbulls and Parolees is such a good show and I love the work Tia and her crew do. I just hate some of the bullshit and bigotry in all forms they have to do.

    The other one, and I know it will shock you because you know how terrified I am of alligators and crocodiles. However, I love, love, love Gator Boys. They go out and do rescues or retrievals of alligators so people (and the gators) don't get hurt and take them to their park. They tell people that "yes, alligators are dangerous" but they love them and they work so hard for animal preservation of all kinds.

  3. I want (need) one (or 13) of those days. I want to watch a bunch of episodes of Dexter and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and just veg. But it might not happen until after October *sigh*

    Write your heart out!