Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NaBloWriMo Day ~ 1 What Was I Thinking????

I've joined three events for October...  As you can plainly see, I'm once again doing NaBloWriMo, I've also picked up NaBloPoMo AND I'm posting a short story over at Pagan Culture between October 13th and 21st for Magaly's All Hallow's Grim 2013.

The month of October is especially busy for me but I enjoyed writing a little each day last year I decided to go for it again. This is my first attempt at NaBloPoMo and I'm going to try diligently to follow the daily prompts that are posted.

NaBloWriMo will also have prompts, I'm just hoping I can keep them straight for which prompt goes with which event, LOL!!!

All Hallow's Grim is always so much fun to read, this year with a little encouragement, I decided to join in the festivities. I only have one post so far, but I'm working on something that just might fit in. I'm not much for writing fiction of any kind, but this one little tiny story I'm sharing says quite a lot for me.

Okay, there you have it. My day 1 post for NaBloWriMo. Yeah I know it was kinda short and even a bit stale. But like most things... I'll improve over time.

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  1. Darlin, you were thinking the same as any naive blogger would think.
    "This is going to be a blast!"
    Am I wrong?