Monday, August 26, 2013

Public Service Announcement

Due to a link I posted yesterday on the One Million Pagans page on Facebook to a blog that was written exposing copyright infringement and identity theft, my posting privileges on Facebook have been suspended for the next 11 hours. I have challenged Facebook's decision but have heard nothing as of this writing. I can read everything you post, and can even private message with you all, but I cannot comment or like any of your posts... for now.

This is yet one more example that Facebook's terms of service are skewed to protect the dishonest...


  1. It shows the total absurdity of Facebook and the way they punish the innocent. I'm wondering how many others were unfairly penalized.

    1. IKR!?!? And it was just me and the other admin I have helping me out on the One Million Pagans page. The one's who authored the blog and anyone else who shared it were safe...

  2. They are getting ridiculous in their way of punishing people ..... Im penalized from adding people, who I know, and I have 18 days and 12 hours before I can add. They now have a right t tell you how many people you can add? Ridiculous...