Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I've Been Doing...

Monday, New Year's Eve, I spent almost all day in my Craft room. I began by giving it a thorough cleaning, putting things back in their place, dusting and then reorganizing, and then burned some white sage for purification. My room is my Temple. I spend so much time in there so when the energy is off by even a small bit I can sense it. This room is also my craft room, where I paint, sew, scrapbook, do bead work, and just be an all around crafty Witch.

After the holidays and the mess I made sewing, the Craft room needed some serious energy alignment. I worked my fingers sore for the month of December. Like many people our finances were extremely tight, especially after having to take an unexpected trip to Arizona. SO, I drug out the sewing machine, went to JoAnne's and got all crafty for the females in the family.

Cheyenne, my 16 year old granddaughter LOVES arm warmers. She had a pair with her the entire time she spent with us over the summer. Jimmy gave her crap and teased her relentlessly over her wearing things on her arms in 100 degree temperatures. I had no idea if I could successfully re produce these crazy things. But I gave it a shot and came up with 2 pair of arm warmers. They were a little more challenging than I at first thought they would be, but I persevered and even though I feel I can be more successful with a surging machine, I am ecstatic over the way they turned out. 

When she unwrapped the box they were in, she immediately put on the black ones. She said she was going to wear them to school and tell her teachers her Mother F*@#$%^# Grandmother made them for her. I was over the moon knowing she really DID like them! And in reality, they weren't as difficult as I thought they would be. You know how you psych yourself up to fail before you even begin? I do that a LOT. But I made these with no pattern, no written guidance and just from looking at the pair Cheyenne had over the summer. I don't think these left her arms the entire time they were here. She had them on the day the left to go back to Maryland too!

Next up were bags for Mylia, Cheyenne and Tanya's Tarot cards. I have this envelope type bag I keep my cards in, and after carefully looking it over, I figured I'd be able to duplicate it without too much confusion on my part. I took my bag apart, and measured and drew a  pattern. I have to say, this was one of the easiest things I have ever made. I gave each girl a black one, and then Mylia got a green one, Tanya a purple one and Cheyenne got the blue one. I kept the extra green and purple one and made an additional black one for myself. I LOVE these! 

It felt great to get back into sewing and crafting. There are so many ideas running around in my mind for things I can do, and I can't wait to put some of them to motion. I've set up an Etsy store, and while it's empty at this time, I know I can do this. When I have some things available to add to the store, I'll post a link and you can check me out, LOL!  I look forward to the rest of the year and the many opportunities I have been given.


  1. Gifts from the heart are always the Best, Vickie.

    I love hearing that you know your CRAFTroom is your Temple. I feel that way,too.


    1. Thanks Lorelei! And you are right, gifts from the heart always mean the most to those receiving them.


    2. ooh, those tarot bags are pretty! so much better than the cheap drawstring ones one usually sees!

  2. Those are beautiful. I am dying to make me a purse and waiting to find the right material. I will have to try and make a bag for my cards. :) I will pull out my pencil and start designing. Things homemade are always a great gift. :)

  3. *grr*

    Let's try this again since Blogger was dumb and logged me out.

    Nic, Random and I need the name of your Etsy store so that we can add it to our Circles.

    I love these and will probably just start amassing fabric for you to make me Crafty things. :D I have ideas, I just need patterns to give you and such.

    But, my Feng Shui Tarot is still in the green envelope bag and goes everywhere with me. It definitely seems to make them happier than the drawstring bag I had them in before.

    Chey LOVES both sets of arm warmers. She rotates them. :D

    1. The etsy store is Aoibheal's Attic... it's empty at this time, I haven't added anything at all to it. I'm hoping to have some things available for the first of February, depending...

      And I am so glad you like them. YES! I will happily use the fabrics and projects you amass!

    2. Etsy says you do not exist. :(

      I love them. They keep my cards (that I'm still paranoid over something happening to again) nice and snug in my bag. They seem to be happy, too. Plus, as we discussed, there's room for them to be wrapped and for me to put in a foci or two.

  4. You did a great job! My 15 ( almost 16 in 18 days...eeep ) year old loves them, and she and I actually have a matching pair, as I like them too lol. Those are awesome! I love the bags too, you did a wonderful job! I can't wait to see what else you will come up with.