Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ten Things Thursday ~ My Wish List of Ten Electronic Type Things I Think I *Need*, LOL!!

This post was actually Jimmy's idea. Last week I was trying to figure out what to give you and he came up with a few suggestions. For this week I'm going with his first thought and then will add his additional ideas in the weeks to come. I already have so many tech toys and electronics and I'm grateful for and more than happy with each one. However, there are some things I would like to upgrade and have added them to my *Wish List*.
1. iPod Classic ~ Most people I know have or want the iPod touch, and that's all fine and good for them. I don't need all the bells and whistles that come with the touch cause I've got other toys for those things. I want my iPod to store and play music...that is all. The iPod Classic holds 160GB which translates to over 40,000 songs. This means I won't need to re arrange my music and I can keep it all in one place. So yeah, the iPod Classic is pretty close to the top of my Wish List.
2. Nikon D3200 ~ Jimmy and I are big photography amateurs, we love to take photos but have never had a *good* quality camera. So for the past few months we have seriously been researching the different brands and different models trying to figure out just which one we want. We have finally chosen the D3200 for various reasons. The biggest one for me is is has the ability to share photos to the internet without hooking up the camera to the computer with a USB cable. This way, I can easily share pictures of Ravyn or road trips or even items for my etsy shop.
3. HP Pavilion p7-1500t Desktop PC ~ Jimmy is a gamer when he is home and his desktop is 4 years old. Not only that, it completely quit working a few months ago, and won't even turn on now. I've been looking around and checking things out and have decided this is the system I want. Yes, if you must know, I'll also be using it when he's on the road, so it has to work for both of us. This one is fast enough for gaming, has a great video card and has some of the extras I want. One of the important features for a new desktop is it MUST be wireless, because our router is now in the living room, thanks Century Link... Luckily we don't need a new monitor, we have 2 22" and they are working perfectly, LOL!
4. Samsung 22" LED TV ~ I want to get a TV for Jimmy for his truck. He doesn't read, so doesn't have much to do when he's finished driving for the day and needs to take a 10 hour or more break. There are times when he's sitting in a truck stop for 34 hours when he's driven out his allotted time for the week and must have a reset in order to be able to legally move again and go back to work. His truck has a place for a TV with an antenna connection so he's able to get local programming. Which comes in great if he's out over a Sunday when the Nascar race is on. 

5. Keruig Vue V700 ~ I already have a Kuerig and I LOVE it. My only complaint is the size of cups it can brew. I drink a LOT of coffee and even setting it to brew the largest cup only fills my mug about 3/4  full. This new model brews multiple sizes and temperatures. The ad on the Kuerig site says it will brew up to 18oz travel size mug, so yeah... I gotta have this machine. 
6. Samsung Galaxy S III ~ Jimmy needs to upgrade his cell phone, he currently has my old Blackberry. I have the Galaxy S II and LOVE it. I usually want or think I want the newest technology of anything. So when this one came out he began teasing me about he was gonna buy the S III for himself. I'm good with that, him having the S III, no REALLY, I'm good with it. I LOVE my S II and still don't know everything it can do. So, for a change Jimmy is getting the latest and greatest and I'm keeping the one I have. 
7. Kindle Fire HD ~ First let me explain, I already have a Nook and I love it, unfortunately I'm a little restricted in the things I can do with it. I have downloaded a Kindle app for my phone and use it all the time. When I began classes this past fall, we were told we could download our text books onto a Kindle. I haven't been doing this the screen on my phone is just too small to try to read a text book. So, because I use my Kindle app so much now, Jimmy has been looking at the Kindles. This model is the one I want. It will do everything I need and more. 
8. Samsung Smart Home Theater System 3D Blu-ray Player with built in WiFi ~ We all know by now I don't do anything small. Instead of buying just a 3D Blu-ray player, I found this. It's not too outrageously priced, I can budget it maybe for Yule, LOL!! No seriously, we currently have a DVD player/surround sound system that has moved a few times and will no longer play the iPod. It is time to replace it and I'm looking to upgrade. 
9. JBL OnBeat Venue Lightning ~ This is actually a shelf docking system for the iPod. I don't have any way to play the music on my iPod when I'm in the Temple room unless I use my headphones. This can be distracting sometime like when I'm trying to meditate or when I just want to hear music but not use the earbuds. We have shopped around and I've looked at many different brands, but I keep coming back to the JBL. It has a great sound and will fit nicely into any shelf I want to tuck it into.  
10. Janome 1100D ~ For Yule 2012, I made envelope type bags for Tarot cards for the girls. I also made arm warmers for Cheyenne. The Tarot envelopes were relatively easy and didn't give me much trouble. The arm warmers on the other hand were much more challenging than I had hoped. After spending some time with them, I did get them to turn out... but just OK. I love to sew, and can be pretty creative. I've sewn costumes and all sorts of clothes. And I've come to the conclusion I would probably be better off if I up grade my sewing machine. The one I have does a LOT. I've just decided I want a serger, and after checking out quite a few, I've found the Jenome. 

Whew! This one was a challenge. There are a few that can be managed this year, and others will need to stay on the *Wish List* for a while longer. But as with everything, I'll be taking this with Baby Steps... a little at a time. 


  1. That Janome 1100D looks like a fine machine. Now if I only knew how to work it lol

  2. OMG. I love the Kindle Fire.... it's truly an awesome piece of technology :)

  3. Great list, I am a gadget lover too! I found a trick with my new K machine. The cup Jack uses is a oversized cup. Not one of those freakishly huge novelty cups or anything, it is just a larger than normal regular looking coffee cup. For his, we brew the travel mug sized first ( which in no way fills a regular travel mug LOL ) and then we turn right around and brew the espresso size so it actually fills his cup, using the same K cup for both, not 2. it fills his cup perfectly, and even running the little bit of water through a second time does not give it a weak taste. ( In fact,I have found most K cups are so strong they make regular coffee seem like water LOL ) I SO wish we lived close by, we could have coffee and compare gadgets ;)

  4. I got a new camera for Christmas. It looks like a DSLR but its not. Cause the one I wanted was like 400 to 600 dollars but I am happy with my fuji. It has 24 optical zoom and makes great pictures. I will get the expense one I want one day. I love taking photos too. My favorite thing to do. The computer screen you have looks like the one I have. We love it. Thanks for sharing. ;)