Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ten Things Thursday ~ Final Category

WOW! Today is the last day of the first month of a new year. I don't know about you, but this month has been more than busy, a little hectic at times and productive in SO many ways for me. I've got so much going on here at home and with my studies over at Ashford University. I've also found I *must* have time each day to spend in my Craft room grounding and keeping my inner being on track for the things I face on a day to day basis.

Even though the title of this post says final category, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop blogging... far from it. I have a different way I've been directed by the muse to travel in and to be honest, I've run out of topics for the Ten Things Thursday meme. So today I not only give you the final post, but I feel it's the most important one I've shared with you.

I want to share the top ten blogs I follow and I'll be giving you a link and a reason why I follow them. I hope you'll take the time to visit each of them and if you don't already, please consider becoming one of their follower's. Each blog has something important to share while at the same time being entertaining and able to relate to those who read their work. So without further adieu I give you Top Ten Bloggers I follow...

1. The Secret Life of the American Working Witch ~ Kallan has so much energy and knowledge to share. I've been following her for a few years now, and each time she posts an entry I can literally feel the earth shake under my feet. She writes on a variety of topics and I've never been disappointed. Among her various entries she also post a weekly blog post on every Sunday called The Sunday Stew, which is so full of information, and excitement each week, it sometimes takes both a spoon AND fork to get it all digested. I was privileged to actually meet Kallan face to face in real life last July and we have since become great and lasting friends. To say I hold her in the highest regard doesn't begin to give you an idea of how I feel about her. She has recently returned to class and is seeking a degree in English and Journalism. Once you read her blog you will understand why this field of study is RIGHT up her alley. I hope you will stop by and visit with her soon...maybe this Sunday for the weekly Stew?

2. Tales of the Wolf Queen ~ Meet my friend Bella. This woman has so much love to share, even though she is going through some very difficult and trying times in her own world, she still takes the time to write about the things she is facing and her own personal challenges and how she is growing from the experience. I have to say, Bella is one of the most precious people I have in my life. I am honored to call her Sister and friend. Her outlook on life and the challenges she faces each day are one of the reason's I get excited when I see she has posted an entry. I'm following her progress as she makes the journey to discovery and faces the probability of being diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's Disease. If things work out and I can get all my ducks in a row, Jimmy & I will be taking a road trip in the next couple months (I'm hoping for late March) down to Florida to actually meet Bella and her family face to face. Boy what an explosion that's gonna be, LOL!!!

3. Confessions of a Modern Witch ~ Once you meet Renee you will wonder where she has been all your life. No I'm serious!! This wonderfully creative woman is one of the most down to earth and REAL people I know. I also know Renee in the real world, face to face like huggin and stuff. We met at the 2011 Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Days and have become solid friends. This woman is a multi talented wearer of many hats. She and her husband Eli have a variety of irons in the fire from  ET Kennels where they breed Yorkshire Terriers, and shelter/foster local animals in times of crisis, to Sosanna;s Closet, where both Renee and Eli create magick with her work in clay and Eli's tailoring skills. Renee is also a devotee of Hecate and does counseling over at Pagan-Place all the while dealing with her own issues associated with being bi-polar. I am truly amazed by this loving, caring and devoted woman. She is the perfect example of what being a friend means in every sense of the word.

4. Pagan Culture ~ If you haven't met Magaly, you have NO idea what you are missing out on. She is one of the most talented authors it is my privilege to call friend. I have followed Pagan Culture for a little over 2 years and have learned so much from Magaly, I can honestly say I'm addicted! Even though I've read her blog for a while, I really got to know her while we both worked on Samhain's Sirens this past October. Luckily we have a way besides blogging to keep connected and I completely enjoy chatting with her and seeing the things she posts on a daily basis. This woman wins the *Smile of the Year* award in my book, because she's ALWAYS grinning. And she has a beautifully infectious smile. You won't want to miss her book AlmaMia Cienfuegos either!!

5. Is this the real life? ~ I met Amanda when we first moved to the Raleigh, NC area back in 2009 at a Pagan book Club I'd been invited to join. We hit it off immediately! She & I, together with 3 other ladies organized an open circle in the Raleigh area called Gaia's Circle where we celebrate the Sabbats, the earth and all she has to offer us. Even though I'm not able to attend Circle as often as I'd like (I haven't been in over a year...*sigh*), they still keep me in the loop with the things going on with Gaia's Circle. Amanda and I have attended many functions together, from Pagan Pride Day, to Carolina Spring Quest, to Carolina Renaissance Faire. Last fall, Amanda returned to college as a Grad Student where she is seeking her degree in Social Work. Amanda is also an ordained Agnostic minister who performed the wedding ceremony for my daughter Tanya in 2010. I love this lady and miss the times we shared before I moved over 2 hours away from her. We were able to get together for Thanksgiving this past November and it was like we had never been parted. Once you meet Amanda you will ask yourself how did I miss knowing this delightful and inspiring young lady? So go...check out Is this the real life? I promise you won't be sorry!

6. East Coast Craft & Curio ~ Tess is one of my new friends and bloggers. We also met while working on Samhain's Sirens and I have to say this is yet another amazingly multi talented lady. She makes some the most beautiful crafty items, jewelry and paintings. Although I haven't known Tess for very long, I can see a lasting friendship in it's blossoming stages. I am looking forward to building our friendship and getting to know her much better. She is REAL, down to earth and very dedicated to her faith, way of life and crafting abilities. Her blog will give you a variety of things to dig your teeth into. She also has a Facebook page for East Coast Craft & Curio, so make sure you check that out as well.

7. Bones, Buried Treasures and Beliefs ~ I had only heard about Sam from friends we have in common, but didn't really know much about her until we actually met face to face this past July at the same time I met Kallan, Kelly & Shelby and Lyssa. I had been told she knew who I was and wanted to meet me. I am so happy we did. She has been a blessing to me and to my daughter Mylia, who lives not too far from Sam in Maryland.  Sam is also an author, and a grad Student, and works a full time job at a government contracting firm. To say this gal is busy would be an understatement! And on top of all the things she already does, she just became engaged on New Year's Eve and is now in the process of planning her wedding! Sheesh!! However, she still finds time to write in her blog and share her life with those of us fortunate enough to know about her. Once you have visited her blog, she's one you will want to subscribe to.

8. The Multi~Faceted Experience ~ Even though we met through crazy circumstances, Kourtney and I  became friends and have nurtured that friendship to the point we chat online every day. She is an amazing woman, has an active family, is active in her Pagan community and still finds the time to not only write The Multi-Faceted Experience, but also hosts Pagan Pages Blog Hop, and all the while living with clinical depression and rheumatoid arthritis. More recently Kourtney has undertaken the challenge of being a *stage mom* to her daughter who is looking for her chance at working in the entertainment industry. How she manages to do everything she does is beyond me, just reading about her adventures sometimes wears me out. To say that this woman is amazing would be an understatement. I am fortunate to have her in my life. I was extremely happy to continue the friendship we had begun and I'm looking forward to the future...

9. Sabrina's Thoughts & Things ~ I found Sabrina quite by accident while browsing through the blog roll from another blog I follow. I gotta say, this blog is full of some of the most exciting information I have come across in a very long time. You will find everything from the latest home remedy, to instruction for making homemade soap, to growing your own herbs. Every time I see an entry from Sabrina in my reader, I know I'm going to find information that is relevant to living a sustainable life. I highly recommend you stop by and pay a visit to Sabrina over at Sabrina's Thoughts & Things, you won't be disappointed, I PROMISE!!

10. Soul, Liberty, Faith ~ Once you meet Lisa you are going to ask yourself, where has she been and why haven't I ever read her blog before now. No, I'm serious! Lisa considers herself an organic Christian, she walks the path of her faith without the dogma and judgement. She's learned how to be a loving wife, mother and follower of Jesus. I have never met anyone who has a heart any bigger, nor one that is any fuller of love and compassion. After many years worshiping in a cult environment, Lisa and her family finally found the freedom to honestly be a light shining brightly for the faith she has chosen. I am very blessed to have Lisa in my life, to call her friend and more importantly to call her sister.

Well... that's it for Ten Things Thursday. I hope you have enjoyed the little things I've given you over the past few months. I'm not exactly sure where Aoibheal's Lair is going from here, the muses have a few things bouncing around up in my head.  You can rest assured I'm not leaving blogland, I'll be around to bring you the in's and out's and up's and down's of this Faerie Witch and my crazy and often times confusing life. Until next time, I wish you love and light...


  1. Vickie, thank you for the kind words! I am so happy that we met that day and have become such great friends. I'm also excited to check some of these other women out that I haven't been following yet! Hugs! <3

  2. Awesome. I follow some of them and love there blogs. I know I have been blogging a year but hope to one day be a good blogger like you all. These are all great bloggers. :)

  3. Oh Vickie...

    *Wipes tears*

    I adore you! I am so blessed and happy to call you sister and friend, and having you in my life means so much to me!

    Thank you for the loving words here!

    All of these bloggers are amazing, and I am proud to call several of them friends as well, thanks to you and the Sirens project.

    I am so excited for you and Jimmy to come down to visit, I can hardly wait!!!

    Your final Ten things was wonderful, and I can't wait to see what direction you will go in next!

    Love you to the moon and back!


  4. Thank you for sharing the love and passing the links for these blogs. I am looking forward to where life directs you and this blog. Be assured that I will be here to see it. May you be blessed with things wild, wonderful and inspirational!