Thursday, January 17, 2013

Faeries' Oracle ~ Sylvanius

I am really liking working with this deck. It is like a whole new world has opened up and each morning I find more words of wisdom to live by. Today's card is Sylvanius...

Sylvanius is the lord of the woodlands, his crown of antler branches signifying his authority. He presents the mask to us, supported by the Faerie of Aspiration, as she welcomes us to our own potential. We wear the mask to look inward, seeing our true selves - not our false and fearful selves, but the beings of light we truly are and what we have potential to be. It becomes very difficult for us to make excuses and blame others for our failures and fears once we have seen what we could be if we were willing - what in fact, we already are but are not quite living up to.

From before the time we were born, people have been projecting their ideas, hopes, fears and confusions on us. As we grow up, we accept many of these untrue projections as our reality - our partly false, partly true picture of ourselves.

At this time you are discovering new truths about yourself. They are essential for you to know in order to create relationships based on mutual respect, affection and trust. These things can only work if we see ourselves and others as we are. Currently, both Faerie and this world are functioning as a giant mirror in which we see ourselves in many surprising ways. People tend to dread this because we assume that we are worse than we think we are, but this is far from necessarily true. Now is a time for finding out the false and misleading beliefs you have accepted and discovering that you are a better person than you thought - and have the potential to accomplish more than you believed you could. If someone says you are better or simply different than you think you are, don't automatically reject this. Think it over carefully. You have more to give and more to enjoy than you have been giving yourself credit for.

Reversed ~ Sylvanius, Kundrun and the Faerie of Aspiration have ganged up on you. They are creating cracks in your ideas about yourself so that the light of truth may shine in. Mirrors jump out at us with unexpected reflections. The trick is learning to distinguish the distorted reflections of others' masks of untruth from the clear reflection of the Mask of Truth. Beware of the reflections that others cast upon you and look within for your own truth. Whenever someone says "Oh, you are so..." stop and ask yourself is this really true. It might just be their stuff, their projections and have nothing to do with you at all. (Froud & MacBeth, 2000).

Froud, B & MacBeth, J (2000), The Faeries' Oracle

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