Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NaBloWriMo ~ Day 9 ~ My All Electric House

Until I moved away from Arizona I had NO idea houses ran on strictly electricity. We had electric appliances, but our cooking, heating and water heaters were natural gas or propane. My first experience with an exclusive electric house was the farmhouse we lived in when we first moved to MD.

I had never in my entire life cooked on an electric stove, and boy let me tell you learning to do so was an experience. I burned more things than came out right. The original stove was extremely old, even though it did have 4 burners only part of one of them worked. The wiring to the rest had been chewed through by mice. This stove even had the warming drawer next to the oven, neither of them worked. It took an act of congress to get the landlord to replace the damn thing, seems the previous tenant never complained. Well, if I was an older single man who drank most of my meals, I probably wouldn't complain either. After many different trips into the house to *inspect* the stove and to determine it really didn't work, he finally DID replace it. With a very small less than apartment sized stove and oven. It was brand new, it worked, but I still couldn't get the temperature regulated correctly to cook things without burning or scorching... *sigh.

Then there were the electric wall radiator heaters. One wall baseboard in each room had a heater that was supposed to heat the entire space, some did, others not so much. Since this was my first time away from the mild winters I was used to in Arizona, I was unprepared for how much of a difference there actually would be in the temperatures during the winter months. We bought space heaters and an electric blanket, and I STILL slept in sweats and socks many times during that first winter.

Next was my first experience with electric water heaters. If I washed dishes before Jimmy or I took our showers after work, we would need to wait close to an hour for the water to heat back up (I didn't have a dishwasher in the farmhouse, it was me and the trusty scrubber sponge, LOL). With a gas water heater, I was used to a pretty quick recapture which usually gave you hot water anytime it was needed, unless of course you completely ran the tank out of hot water and needed to start all over from scratch.

We lived in 2 different places in Maryland, 3 places in Michigan and now 2 here in North Carolina. Each place has been completely electric. I've gotten used to cooking on an electric stove, but I still prefer gas and hope the next time I move to find at least a gas stove. I've also gotten used to the turn around time for the hot water heater.

What I haven't gotten used to and don't know if I ever will is losing EVERYTHING when the power goes out for one reason or another. Whether it's storm/weather related or some dumb ass hits an electrical pole, when I have no power I want to scream! I can't cook, I can't stay cool or warm which ever the case may be and I can't take a shower. UGH!


  1. I have never used a gas stove before until I moved to our apartment. I tell you I love a gas oven and stove. Food taste different...better. I hope I don't encounter another electric stove again. ;)

  2. I've never used a gas stove and to tell you the truth, I'm a little scared of them because of the open flame. I've always cooked on electric.