Saturday, October 6, 2012

NaBloWriMo ~ Day 6 ~ The Prompts, To Use Them or To Not Use Them

When I first thought about joining NaBloWriMo I was worried if I'd be able to come up with an original post for each of the 31 days in the month long challenge. I also read everything on the *prompts for 2012* page and was more than a little relieved to see I could use the prompts if I needed to, but didn't have to strictly follow the list Heather had put together for us.

So far, I've used I think 2 prompts and written 3 original entries with this making the 4th original post without using a prompt. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely pleased we have a list of things to choose from in order to keep us on track to fulfilling the goal to write 31 different NaBloWriMo entries for the month of October. And believe me, when I hit a block and the muse's just won't cooperate, I WILL be more than a little relieved to know I can choose a topic from the list and type my little heart out.

So... what do you think? Should we use the daily prompts as posted or keep them reserved for those days when you just can't find something to write about??


  1. My brain is so scattered I have to use prompts or I'd never get anything done.... see my mobile uploads... my desk is loaded with stickie notes. :P

  2. Eh, I'm for using them when there's a block.. other than that, just write what you want. It's YOUR blog, after all ;) <3

  3. I agree with Kallan, and I would use them if I could not find anything else to write about...unless the prompts were so awesome I WANTED to write about whatever it was lol.

  4. I have been writting things I want. I even thought of a new one for Fridays called FUN FACTS FRIDAY. I posted one friday and think it was funny cause I heard about it and thought it was gross. Write whats in your heart. :)