Saturday, October 13, 2012

NaBloWriMo ~ Day 13 ~ Ramblings On A Saturday

I think my brain has gone on vacation and left the rest of the body behind... it seems like it's been taking FOREVER to accomplish even the smallest things this past week. I've caught myself checking and re checking the simple things, things that I can usually do with my mind in a different place. This week... not so much. And I've been more than tired. No matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up tired and feel like crawling back under my blankets.

Ravyn was here this morning at 4:30, and even though she did go back to sleep and didn't wake up until 8:30ish, I couldn't get myself motivated even after 3 cups of coffee. Anyone else feeling this complete and utter exhaustion? We did go out for a couple hours, but by the time we got home I felt like I needed a nap. And on top of being tired, I somehow twisted my left ankle... crap!

Jimmy has been home since yesterday morning, he's working tomorrow but it's just local, taking trucks to the auction. They are paying him cash and buying lunch! I've got a pork roast defrosting and plan to cook it all day tomorrow in the crock pot, with onions, fresh garlic, potatoes and carrots. YUM! Haven't made this meal in quite a while and I'm looking forward to it.

Things at Ashford are a little wacky this class. It's considered an English class, but it's Introduction to Film. Since I don't go to the theaters to see new releases and don't really watch many movies I'm having a very difficult time with this one. Monday we have a 3-5 page paper due on cinematography and I haven't even started the title page... *sigh. Guess I'll be doing homework tomorrow after Ravyn goes home and dinner is over.

It's not even 8PM and I'm ready to shower and go to bed....

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  1. I have been this way for a few weeks, ( which I guess is not surprising due to all the crap I have been going through ) but others I talk to are feeling the same way, so it is not just you. Maybe you have not quite bounced back yet from being sick? Hope you get some energy and good feelings back soon! Love you!