Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blog Hops and Never Ending Meme's

It's a bit disconcerting to log into my Google reader and have it be flooded on a daily basis with a never ending stream of gibberish in the form of a Blog Hop or Meme focused on that particular day. I'm not against either one and have in the past participated in a few. They quickly become old and actually turn off more readers than they bring in. Some say they are a great way to find new readers, make new friends and add to your popularity posts. Others wonder what in the hell you are thinking and do you ever have a thought you can say is your own.

Here at Aoibheal's Lair I have Monday Munchies where I share a recipe I've either made quite often or one I want to try but haven't found the time to do so. Thursday's gives you Ten Things Thursdays, something new I'm trying and there has been 2 weeks of this Meme. I will also be participating in Pagan Pages Blog Hop for the month of September, submitting ONE entry for the entire month. However, I do not and will not clutter this space with the constant repetitive nonsense found in some of the blogs I follow.

In my opinion, if you are going to take the time to write a blog and post your entry for the entire world to see, said blog shouldn't be so full of nonsense that it makes the reader wonder if you have any common sense at all.  Or if you must do the blog hops and meme's because you honestly can't come up with enough original material to keep your audience entertained and anxious to come back to read what you write. This just shows your ignorance and unwillingness to actually have something original to say.

I follow quite a few blogs and many of them do not participate in this * phenomenon* called blog hop. And I look forward every day to the things they have to say. I also worry about the two Meme's I have adopted for Aoibheal's Lair. So far I haven't gotten any negative feed back on with one of them, and some of the recipes have actually been implemented by readers who have left comments about how good they were or even giving a twist on the original recipe.

I want to make sure the things I write about are interesting enough that my readers are going to come back for the next post to see what I have to say about any given subject and not waste their valuable time with repetitive garbage ...


  1. I would have to agree on a lot of what you have to say here. When I was first starting out with my blog I tried several different blog hops and a few meme's. Not only were they boring for me to write, but they didn't really bring anyone to my blog. Not to mention they were a pain to keep up with.

    But I do want to say though, that I created Pagan Pages Blog Hop to be the exact opposite of these types of blog hops. I wanted it to be more of a pagan related forum and a place for pagan writers to come together and/or find each other.
    I hope that it has become something close to what I envisioned.

    1. PPBH is the ONLY blog hop I keep up on what is happening. There are SO many different and exciting people who write and post there that I never get bored. It is exactly what you envisioned when you had the dream. Thanks for keeping it going!

    2. Thank you so much Vickie!! I've been having doubts as of late, but you've made me feel so much better just now... with this one comment! ;)

  2. I participate in PPBH as well and it is the only one that I do. I have found many interesting blogs on there and can't wait to see what is there every time I log in.

  3. That's why I stopped doing the Pagan Blog Project. Everyone was picking subjects similar and writing similar posts as well. I just got tired of reading and writing the same ol things. Once in awhile I'll do a blog prompt, but not often. I've cut back on how often I write. I try to get in one meaningful post a week. I'd rather have quality posts rather than quantity.