Sunday, August 26, 2012

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

My amazingly wonderful friend Kourtney over at The Multi-Faceted Experience has decided my blog is notable enough to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This makes two awards this week and I've got to tell you, I am beyond amazed that those who follow my ramblings feel I am worthy of these awards. I do not take my followers lightly. You all are the reason I continue to write... so thank you from the bottom of  my heart for staying with me, even when I post things that probably make little to no sense at all.
So here are the rules:

First, display the award certificate on your blog. 

Then, create a post annoucing the award and link back to whoever nominated you.

Present seven other deserving bloggers with the award. Link their blogs to your post and drop by and leave them each a comment about their nomination.

The seven bloggers I'll be awarding are:

Judas over at Stirring the Cauldron With Judas

Nalaya over at Something Oddly ...

Amanda over at Is This the Real Life?

Alan over at Heartsong's Circle

Renee over at Confessions of a Modern Witch

Raven over at The Wytching Way

Pixie over at Pixie's Musings

Post seven interesting facts about yourself. I'm not sure how many of you will find these seven facts interesting, but here goes anyway:

1) I am an Aquarius which is actually an Air sign that gets my energy from the Ocean. Really! I can spend as little as 30 mins on the beach and feel so refreshed and exhilarated that I can handle anything life wants to toss at me.

2) I am Abi (grandmother) to 7 of the most beautiful and amazing GrandGirls anyone could ask for. They range in age from 16 years to 15 months and are going to be a force to be reckoned with when they get a bit older. Cheyenne, the oldest already is and I'm just waiting for the others to catch up with her, LOL!

3) A few of my favorite things: Stevie Nicks is my all time favorite musician and I've seen her in concert multiple times. I'm up in the air on favorite author at this time, it used to be Laurell K Hamilton, but her Anita Blake books seem to all run the same pattern lately. I wish she'd bring back Merry Gentry. My favorite color is royal purple. My favorite perfume is Dream Angel's Divine from Victoria's Secret. My favorite scented oil is lavender and I use it for MANY different things, including flea deterrent on my fur babies. And I love and can't live without my Starbuck's Verona blend home brewed coffee with cinnamon vanilla creamer, LOL!

4) I lived in the deserts of Arizona for most of my life on a ranch close to the border town of Nogales. Yes we had horses, yes I can ride, NO I do NOT want horses again. They are too much work and I am too old for that crap!  My mother, brother and nephew still live there. I moved away in 2002 and it was the absolute best decision I have ever made. I LOVE living east of the Mississippi and only 2 hours away from the ocean.

5) I am bi-sexual, not gay but I FULLY support the LGBT community and their right to marry. And I will lend my voice to any platform where I can discuss the right for gay marriage.

6) I LOATHE fake people! Anyone who cannot be true to themselves is a waste of my time and I will not be drawn into the drama they create in order to be the center of attention. Those who scream to the roof tops how great they are but their actions speak so much more loudly will be removed from my circles more quickly than one can blink an eye!

7) Jimmy & I have some amazing and awesome things coming up on our personal lives. I don't want to give anything  away for fear of jinxing the outcome. But I will leave you with a teaser that includes family get togethers and a possible move...

And there are my awards and 7 things about me... I hope you found something you didn't know before and I didn't bore you to tears, LOL!


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    1. Thanks Debra! I'm still amazed each time I receive one...

  2. On are on fired!

    Great luck on your "possible move."

    1. Thanks Magaly! I'll let everyone know closer to the time... maybe in the Spring(?).