Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So My Dear, You Have Been Deleted.......

While I was going through some old flash drives this morning, I found this and decided to post it here. I wrote this years ago when I belonged to another social media site after going through some crap with someone I called friend and sister. That person is no longer in my life... at times I have made the same mistakes when it comes to *friends*, but with each mistake I learn and change how I allow people to treat me... This is NOT directed to anyone in particular... it's just a random post ... THAT IS ALL!

You will always know when you do not belong
When you are not a part of something....
No words need to be spoken. Nevertheless, you can feel
The difference in how people act towards you.
It isn't fair how people treat you like you are
Not worth it to even look you in the eye,
Even so, I use to call you friend, And I cared for you
Deeply, had a great deal of respect for you
Until you turned on me. How could you treat me...
Your friend like that? Now I am an outcast among you
You treat me as if I am some kind of animal.
You are now no longer a part of my world.
You will never hold that power over me.
For I have the power to delete you from my life.

So my Dear, you have been deleted.......


  1. Wise words and some not many of can say truly. I believe in them, for I think we own our own lives and the delete button ;-)

  2. very wonderful and powerful!!!!! I always love reading your blog.Deleting someone from your life is not always easy , but I am very proud of you <3