Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Each morning as I'm enjoying a second cup of coffee, I log into Blogger and check out the entries that have been posted overnight from the people I've subscribed to. I enjoy reading what they have to say while I'm trying to wake up, and before I begin my day. Recently, I've felt a difference in the tone and witnessed a change in content in a couple of the ones I've been reading for a very long time. Don't get me wrong...I firmly believe in change. I'm trying to do that here in Aoibheal's Lair.

The change I've felt in a particular blog isn't least I don't feel it is.  A few months ago, this author had a large and what we all thought was a positive change. Unfortunately it seems to have had the exact opposite effect in their life, at least in my perception. The author is still writing about many of the same topics as before, but there seems to be a darker message underlying the words on the page.

This author is also taking sides in a situation and defending someone when all the information they have is one sided (you know he said/she said crap). These actions have become, in my opinion hurtful and just plain petty. Something that any good journalistic type knows is completely wrong. As a writer, author, or journalist  (whichever title they choose to claim) is exposed to a conflict, ALL sides of the situation is to be explored and investigated before an opinion is given. This blogger didn't look at the entire picture, only one side was heard and then opinion formed... In this particular case it's on a personal level with me... I know *both* sides of the story, I know what actually happened, I didn't make any rash decisions.

I used to look up to this person and felt they were a great influence in the Pagan community and in my personal life as a blogger. I can't do that any longer. After much soul searching and meditation, I have removed this blogger from my reading list and also from my FB friends. Granted, I did NOT know them in person, only through their written work... They probably won't even miss me or know that I've removed them. And because of that they won't know the consequences of their actions...


  1. I hope that if I ever get like that, you'll call me on it, Vick. I highly value your friendship and support. HUGS!!

    1. I have no fear you will ever stoop to the low of the blogger in question. We both know your moral compass won't let you. While I acknowledge all of us are human, having our bouts with anger and frustration, and at the risk of *putting you on a pedestal* I also know you are one of the very few who steps back and gets ALL the facts before you make a decision or judgement. This is one of the many things about you that gives me great pleasure to not only say I *know* Kallan Kennedy, but I am a personal friend and confidant as well. BIG HUGS!!