Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ahhh, Sunday How I Love Thee...

It's been a great day here in the Sand Hills of NC.

Jimmy came home yesterday afternoon, was able to stay long enough for his 34HR reset. This means he won't need to park in a truck stop someplace on the road and be unproductive for 34 hrs. Ravyn loves her Papa, and when he's home she's attached to him like a little monkey. He carries her around all over the place, even outside when he goes to let the dogs out or to smoke. His time with her gives me a bit more freedom to do other household things. Alas, he leaves at 4:30 in the morning and not sure how long he'll be out this week.

In my previous post I let you all know I'm going to be making some changes to the cosmetics of Aoibheal's Lair... I'm removing some gadgets I no longer use/need and I'm thinking about changing up the actual layout. Not sure on that one yet.

I've been promoting this blog and Journey to Faerie over on Facebook and I'm excited about the new followers and friends. There were 12 new likes for Aoibheal's Lair (68 total) and 17 for Journey to Faerie (42 total) just today! Thanks for liking me and welcome to the insanity of my life, LOL!!

OH!! We also have 2,220 people who like One Million Pagans...that  is SO awesome! Kelly is doing a great job as an admin and I'm blessed to have her helping me out. She really finds some great things that are full of information to post on the page.

I've also been kicking around an idea for yet another blog or FB page so I can share all the cool and amazingly  awesome information I'm learning as I progress into my course of study over at Ashford University. Complementary and Alternate health has SO much great information that I feel is important to let as many people as I can know about. So far, I'm leaning towards a *page* on FB, I think I'll start there and see if there is enough traffic to warrant adding a new blog. My only concern with a FB page is the traffic, with the way FB is now set up, it's an *iffy* thing whether your page posts actually get seen by those people who have subscribed or liked the page.

The temperatures here have been horrendous this past week, we've either met or broken the record highs. Thankfully it looks like there may be some relief this coming week. Temps are supposed to be in the mid 90's tomorrow and then drop into the mid to upper 80's for the rest of the week. And we are supposed to have rain every day (all day on Tuesday) this next week...YAY! I LOVE the rain.

Well, that's all for this Sunday evening. I'm off to a bubble bath and snuggle time with my sexy man. Good night and sleep well...

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