Friday, July 20, 2012

Adventures in Maryland... Part 2

So, when things began to calm down after the heart attack causing excitement on Thursday night into Friday morning, Jimmy & I were able to spend a little time reconnecting with Mylia and Cheyenne. We had coffee or tea and Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, chilled for a bit and then decided to get out of the  house for a while.

Our first stop was Crystal Fox, my absolute most favorite Pagan/New Age/ Metaphysical shop in the world! NO honestly, I've been to quite a few and CF is by far the one with not only the very best selection of everything you could possibly want or need, but the energy coming from inside the building actually flows out into the street. I absolutely adore the owner Sterling, his staff is more than knowledgeable and they actually enjoy helping the customers.

I was able to get some things I needed, some chime candles (the 4" colored ones), nag champa cones, white sage, the new Witches Datebook for 2013 (so I don't have to order it and wait, and wait and wait for it to arrive, LOL!), and a book that Chey had been wanting. (I actually ended up going back the next day and getting some crystals). I think we spent probably close to 90 minutes there, just absorbing the energy and giving Chey the chance to ground after her misadventure.

From Crystal Fox we went to Longhorn and had a late lunch, extra protein was just  what we needed. Gave us the extra little energy boost and we were off to Ikea. K, I have a confession to make... I have NEVER been in an Ikea store. I know *gasp, you poor, poor child! LOL! I have never seen SO MUCH STUFF in one place in all my life! After walking around and following those cute little arrows that tell you which way the flow in the store goes, I found many things I just gotta have. But not when I have to pack it in the back of a rental car and drive 5 1/2 hrs home with it! I refrained from buying out the store, but did manage to convince myself I absolutely could NOT live with out the stainless steel paring knife I found. It was purchased and stashed for transport home.

Mylia did buy some shelves for Chey so she can better organize the books in her room. And like most of the females in our family Chey is PASSIONATE about her books...

The rest of the day into evening was spent back at Mylia and Chey's just relaxing and catching up. I hadn't seen either one of them for a little over 6 years and even though we chat daily on FB and talk regularly, it was more than nice to sit and talk face to face. Mylia and I were able to talk about some of the things she's having a difficult time remembering because of the Chiari, and Jimmy & Chey played video games. It was a great way to spend an evening.

Saturday morning, it was coffee and donuts again... have I ever told you how much Jimmy LOVES him some Dunkin Donuts coffee?? Anyway, Jimmy & I had made arrangements to meet up with some of my Facebook friends so we could actually *meet* face to face. I was more than excited about this, I already knew I loved these gals and wanted to be able to cement the connection. So off we go from College Park to north of Baltimore. We met up at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and OH MY! what a time we had getting to know one another. I felt like I was coming home... Kelly, Shelby, Jaden, Sammi, Lyssa and Linda are awesomely amazing! And I am more than blessed to be able to not only call them friends but sisters and nephew as well.

Shelby, Lyssa, Jaden (in front), Sammi, Linda & me

Shelby, Sammi, Jimmy, Linda, Kelly, me & Jaden (in front)

After we left to go back to College Park we went to turning Wheel in Baltimore looking for some crystals. As many of you know, most of my things were left behind in MI when we moved to NC 4 years ago. I'm just now beginning to replace some of the things I used on a regular basis. I didn't find everything I was looking for so we ended up back at Crystal Fox where I found exactly what I wanted... *thanks Sterling!*. We took the scenic route between Turning Wheel and Crystal Fox, driving through some of the places we used to go when we lived in MD. It was great to drive over the Key Bridge and see the inner harbor (I took pictures, but the didn't come out). Once we made it back to College Park, it was another quiet evening at home with my daughter.

We got up early Sunday morning to drive back to NC, and we brought Cheyenne with us. We thought maybe it would be a good idea to give her a place where there wouldn't be people yelling at her. Since her mother and I didn't yell, it stands to reason we didn't feel anyone else needed to either. She will be with us until we take her home on the 17th and I'm hoping she doesn't get too bored while she's here. Living in a small town without transportation can really bite at times... LOL! Her Aunt Taz lives just down the street and  I think she's going there this weekend to go swimming...

So there you have my adventures...all of it.This week has been tough...Mercury retrograde is kicking my ass. I'm tired and irritable. Tomorrow is Friday, I don't have Ravyn and I don't have any plans to do anything. I may just declare it to be a Jammie Day and chill out all day doing nothing...

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  1. IKEA is a helluva store, isn't it? Completely overwhelming, especially the first time! Crystal Fox sounds like a great place -- LOVE stores like that, with great vibes.