Friday, June 15, 2012


...and PLEASE! I do want to know what you think.

1. Give me your honest opinion of Raymond Buckland


  1. I know who he is but I'm not familiar with his writings or teachings at all. Sorry! I suspect he's pretty old school compared to people like Starhawk, etc.

    1. Debra, he is rather old school. And I'm wondering how most people would feel if they were told his book *The Complete Book of Witchcraft* (or the BIG blue book as some call it)is the ONLY book you need to have and read in order to base all your information about being Wiccan or a Witch?

  2. I read the BBB back in the day, when it was one of about 5 books Waldenbooks carried on the subject, along with Spiral Dance and Drawing Down the Moon (which were also available at the library), and the Cunningham books...that was all I had access to from the time I was 13 until I was in college.

    I wouldn't say that its a definitive source, but if someone is looking to get STARTED as a solitary Wiccan, it covers a great deal.

  3. Buckland wrote many books yes he is old school the book is a great primer for one to get started and to have around as reference. It is Alexander Trad. I would say no to the only book one needs. Books are to give direction after that being a witch requires no book.

  4. Uncle Buck, as I like to call him, offers a great intro "how-to" book. Very practical, but very "by the book"! he presents it like it's his way or the highway! hahah. I think he needs to be taken in conjunction with other people. So like... Scott Cunningham and Uncle Buck are a good beginner's combination, because Uncle Buck offers an example of structure and Cunningham offers a little more practical realistic advice.

    But Uncle Buck's Big Blue Book was given to me by my mentor as a workbook, and we worked through it together and talked about together (laughed about it together!) and I've done the same with people I've mentored as well!

    So, I do not love him, but I think he's important!