Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Don't Make Resolutions...

Every year at this time, all my friends, people I barely know, and those I don't have any idea who they might be, all jump on the bandwagon to make their New Year's Resolutions. I don't. The last time I made a New Year's Resolution I knew before I had finished saying it out loud, I wasn't going to follow through and keep it. So instead, I try to make choices and goals. Realistic goals...things I know I can control and do my very best to accomplish.

My goals for 2012 probably seem familiar as some of my friends have chosen to implement them for their own use. I can't say whether or not they will be adhering to their plan. All I know is I absolutely MUST do everything in my power to reach these few things before the end of 2012. So keeping that in mind here is what I plan to do to make my coming calender year as successful as I possibly can:

I WILL loose 79lbs. Yeah I know, an odd choice for the number of pounds I want to loose, huh? Here's the deal. I currently weigh 204lbs, and my *ideal* weight, the place I felt the most comfortable, the most healthy, what most of my *Dr's* have recommended, and was able to walk around the block without fear of a heart attack is 125lbs. I'm 5'-2" and anything heavier than about 130, makes me have problems with my knees and back.

(This is me this past summer on one of the trips to Myrtle Beach... I weighed in at about 220lbs. I could barely walk across the dunes to reach the beach, which as many of you know is the place I *recharge*. There wasn't alot of recharging going on this summer. I was too miserable and too out of shape.)

I've researched so many different weight loss programs, from Weight Watcher's to South Beach Diet, Nutrasystem, to Atkins and everything in between. Either I can't afford the cost of the *program* or in the case of the Atkins diet, it contains too much fat for me. Let me explain...

In March of 2002, I woke up to excruciating pains in my stomach, pain so bad I fell out of my bed and couldn't stand up. Then came the nausea and vomiting. Jimmy ended up taking me to the ER where they promptly hooked me up to a morphine drip and told me I was going to need emergency gall bladder surgery. I went for the ultra sound and was then told I was lucky my gall bladder hadn't ruptured because it was *full* of gall stones. Back to my cubicle and in comes the nurse with forms to sign. When I got to the one about insurance, and I told them I didn't have insurance, they promptly began to back pedal and decided I didn't need the emergency surgery after all. They put me upstairs in a room to *monitor* me for 24 hrs and then they would decide the next course of action. Sometime around 4pm the next day I was really getting pretty bored and hungry, they hadn't given me anything to eat because they didn't want to *irritate* the situation. I finally told my nurse I had had enough, send the Dr to see me, I want to go home. He did come in to see me when he was in on rounds and brought the hospital nutritionist/dietician with him She gave me this diet/meal plan to follow and told me IF I followed it I *should* be OK until I could get health insurance. So off to home I go with diet and a prescription for Vicodin in hand...

This diet/meal plan consists of less than 50gms of fat per day along with a 1200 calorie diet. Needless to say I wasn't too convinced about all this, but I took the information and went home. The next day, we went grocery shopping, let me tell you I have never in my life read so many labels for nutrition information. It took us almost 2 hours to shop. I lost 45lbs on this plan. I wish I had stuck to it...

BTW, I STILL haven't had gall bladder surgery.

(This is what I looked like when we left AZ and moved to MD. AFTER the gall bladder problems and following the diet I was given. And this is the target I'm going for this year. In this picture I am 125lbs, wearing size 3 Levi 501's and feeling like I can take on the world.)

Yes, I know, I am 10 years older. I don't know of any rule/law that says I can't go back to the weight I feel the best, most active, and most healthy at. So I'm going to begin reading nutrition information and labels once again and I WILL loose 79lbs within the next 365 days. I began this journey today! I'm not crazy, I know it's going to be long and hard. Mostly because we don't have the area to safely do any type of walking, and I can't afford a membership at Bally's or something like that. In AZ we lived in an apt community that was gated and had walking paths, along with an exercise room. My plan is to walk as much as I can and then supplement my *work out* with a wii. Eventually I plan to get the wii *fit* and be able to begin some yoga training too.

So there you have my first step in my quest to find myself. I have plans to do some deep soul searching, I want to really dig deeper into my spirituality and I will be working more closely with my Totems. It's going to be a busy year in self improvement, but I feel confident and am very excited to see the results.

HAPPY NEW (calender) YEAR EVERYONE!! May your year be blessed!!


  1. I'm taking the same angle on things. It HAS TO BE DONE. There's no resolutions, just goals that must be achieved. No half-a$$ed trying to do whats best... its just DOING IT! And my goals are pretty close to yours. I WILL lose 60 pounds by 1/1/13, and I WILL have a stronger base in my spirituality, mainly the day to day. So I won't wish you good luck... you don't need it.


  2. Good luck with you weight loss goal! I look forward to reading about your progress. BTW, new follower here as well as a "beginner" Pagan. :) Nice to meet you!

    The Pagan in Me @

  3. Vicki,
    I feel you on the resolutions. I don't make any. But I myself is trying to lose weight. I am 54 and they say I need to weigh 144 but that is to skinny to me so I want to get back to 220 or 230. I was comfortable at that weight. I am doing ALLI. I lost 10 pounds on it and then gain some weight back cause I stop taking it. But went back on it today. I too. do wii excersiers but I do the Gold Gym. I really like it. SO good luck mybe we can encourage each other in our weight loss. :)

  4. Vickie, I know you can do it babe. You have someone right here *waving at ya* in your corner, cheering you on. I like you don't believe in resolutions I believe in goals. I know in this new year we can accomplish so much. I am so proud of you!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  5. Good luck and wishing you all the best! Walking is great exercise. Do you have any malls near by? Mall walking is a safe way to get a long walk in.

  6. Right there with you on the resolution thing. You must be a mind reader. I just posted that on my blog :P