Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm A Horrible Patient...

To begin with I HATE being sick, in any form. Whether I'm sick with a cold, or I've got some sort of injury...reference last night's blog... I refuse to be sick and I don't like anyone waiting on me when I am.

I'm so used to doing for myself and when I *need* assistance it makes me irritable, which in turn, I tend to take it out on my care givers. Jimmy has been so good to me today, he cut up the cantaloupe and strawberries, made me breakfast and has generally been an attentive husband. The only contentious place in the day so far has been my refusal to use the crutches every time I move off the couch.

I just figure since my knee is feeling better I really don't see the need to use them to go the 10 feet or so to the bathroom. Besides, with age comes bladder control issues and when I gotta go, I REALLY gotta go. Wasting time trying to get those damn crutches to maneuver is something I can't afford to do, LOL!

Anywho, I'm sitting here on the couch, leg elevated with the heating pad for this cycle (I'm alternating 30 minutes heat and 30 minutes ice) Jimmy has gone to the store to get coffee (I'm spoiled, we only use Starbucks Verona Blend) and smokes for him. I really want him to quit smoking, but since he's taking care of me for a few days, the chances of that are pretty slim, LOL!

Back to Facebook, the TV, and the Nook. Let's see what other adventures I can get into for the remainder of the day...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dammit That Hurts!!

Living here in south eastern North Carolina, we are somewhat fortunate to be blessed with "pop up" thunder storms on any given summer after noon. Today was no exception. Just about dinner time a nice, noisy thunder boomer came rolling in. Jimmy & I were next door at the sister's house for BBQ chicken. After dinner Jimmy left before I did because Tuesday is his WoW raid night and he needs to be on the computer by 7:30 at the latest. Not a problem.

When I finally got the gumption to walk across the yard to get to our house, I look out and it's still raining, but not very hard, so I should be OK to make it home without any incidents...YEAH RIGHT! This is Vickie we're talking about, remember??

(Side note: this is the sister who's house is under going some renovations to the outside...her decks have been pulled away from the side of the house so the new siding can be put up. So we are using an improvised gang plank type entrance from the front deck to her front door. And the steps UP to the deck have also been removed, and we are using a rubber maid type step stool to get UP on the deck.)

So out the door I go and across the "gang plank" to the deck...I notice it's a little slippery from the rain, but not too bad and since I've done this so many times in the past few weeks, I'm feeling pretty good about making it. I do, and get to the edge of the deck to step down onto the rubber maid type step to get onto solid ground. I step off the deck, all lined up and miss the damn stool, my foot hits the ground and something goes POP in my right knee... this is the knee I re injured back in January when I stubbornly walked the mile to the corner store for cigarettes for someone who was making life pretty miserable for all the parties involved.

At this point I don't know whether to laugh or cry and Sis, thinks I've just lost my balance...but the "ow, ow, OW, OW, OW!!'s keep getting louder so she comes to check on me. I can't put ANY weight on my right leg, BUT I CAN bend it at the knee so I know I didn't blow the knee nor did I break my leg. The niece and brother in law come out to help, someone calls Jimmy and he comes running over. I REFUSE to go to the hospital...and anyone who knows ANY thing about Cape Fear Regional Medical Center will understand my reasoning for not going.

I get loaded up in the van, A (the niece) finds a pair of crutches for me, and off to the house we go, right up to the steps that lead to the front door. You shoulda seen me trying to get up those wet slippery steps on crutches, you woulda laughed your asses off...I know I DID even through the pain. Chaos and Calliope were going crazy, I was trying to get to the bedroom change outta the wet clothes, get onto the bed and elevate the knee.

Here I sit, with this cool contraption M (the brother in law) got when he had his knee replacement surgery, it's like a brace, but attached to a reservoir via a couple hoses, and there's a bulb like on a sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff) You squeeze the bulb and it sends cold water from the reservoir up to the brace type thing and  does away with the need for ice packs. WOW I'm loving that, cause I HATE ice packs, they are so uncomfortable.

Any who, looks like I'm gonna be on light duty and bed rest for a day or two, and that means I'm attached to the laptop and cell phone. So send me LOTS of messages so I have something besides Farmville to occupy my time, LOL!

All I can say is it's a GOOD thing I have already written and submitted my contribution for 31 Days of Deity...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of Those Weeks

On Monday I quit my job...I really hated that job. It should have been a piece of cake to do, but I didn't feel I had been given the training I needed to perform the requirements of the position. I was a Territory Assistant for Hallmark Cards.

Basically, I was required to visit 8 Walgreen's Stores in the Fayetteville, NC area and make sure the person they had hired to work in the Hallmark department knew how to do their job. Easy, right?? Nope, not if you don't have any idea what the hell the job description is and what you are supposed to be showing someone else to do. I did this job for 6 months and STILL don't know how to do Monday evening, I submitted my letter of resignation.

When I was hired, I was told I'd have someone to train and mentor me...OH! did I mention this was ALL done by email and phone calls? I didn't meet my supervisor until I had been "on the job" for 2 months. He was in Kansas and had NEVER been to NC...WOW! REALLY??

But the person that was gonna train me lived in Wilmington, just a short 2 hour drive from me and my "Territory". I saw her a grand total of 5 times in the last 6 months. When I did see her, or finally talk to her after leaving NUMEROUS voice mails, OR better yet, FINALLY get a reply to any of the multiple emails I sent to her, she ALWAYS gave me a vague and abstract answer to what ever issue I was having.

And don't get me started about the emails to my "manager" that I got absolutely NO response from. I have over 150 emails in the Hallmark sent folder in my business email account. And I'll give you odds that only about 10 of them have EVER gotten a reply.

So, I'm back among the ranks of the unemployed...AGAIN! Sheesh...

But, I have had some positive things happen this week and I gotta tell you, they by FAR out weigh the downer I was on. Most of you know, this little ol blog made it into the top 25 Blogs of Faith over at Circle of Moms...woot! I got an email a few days ago asking me to do a little bio of myself, answer a few questions and send along a photo so I can be "featured" in the Top 25 Blogs of Faith category. I am so psyched to be sharing this honor with some of the most amazing women it has been my pleasure to "meet". OK, not literally, but ya know what I mean.

And I'm also going to be participating in 31 Days of Deity that my friend Angela has put together over at her blog, Pagan Mom Blog. I've written a little thing about Persephone and how she views her "abduction and rape". It's a little dark, but hey, that's how she presents herself to me, and on a regular basis, I might add.

(Ya know, I *used* to know how to add the html tags to make links to other peoples pages, but I haven't used that talent in a while and it seems I've forgotten all that I knew, LOL! It's a bitch to get old, they say the mind is the first thing to go...hahaha)

Tuesday evening we had a major thunderstorm come through here, and found that the roof in the office leaks, ALOT. So the landlord came out yesterday, looked at it and today he brought his contractor by to see what the damage is. Apparently it is pretty bad cause they're gonna be here bright and early at 7AM tomorrow morning to fix the roof. So much for sleeping in, LOL! Not only did this storm show us the leaky roof, it also did some damage to my flower beds. We don't have gutters on the house, so all that rain pouring off the roof mangled my flowers and dug trenches in the beds. I showed this to the landlord too, and he's offered to spring for gutters, at least to the front part of the house so the rain will stop tearing shit up.

OH! Today I finally got off my ass and began the process to take some online classes through University of Phoenix. I want to own my own little Tea Shop/Pagan Book Shop, so I'm looking at a Bachelor Of Science In Business - Concentration In Small Business Management And Entrepreneurship...whew that's a mouthful!!! I spoke briefly to a counselor this evening and he's made arrangements to call back tomorrow so we can determine exactly what it is I need to do. I'll keep you all updated as to my progress IF I do actually go through with this.

Tomorrow is Faerie Day, so I have spent some extra time in my room at my alter, just meditating and praying for guidance. I'm going to use some of this extra time I have to get things back in order around my house. While everyone is gone from the house tomorrow, I'm going to use my white sage and smudge the entire house, light some incense a just do a general cleansing of the whole area.

Tomorrow night, I have made plans to leave some treats in my little garden for the Faeries, some honeyed milk, sweet cakes and some mead. Also found a few spark-lies for them to take back with them. I've cleansed the sea shells I brought back from the beach to use for setting out the treats...and I've got some soft lights to put up tomorrow so the light from the porch doesn't frighten them away.

Well, I think this is quite enough for tonight my darlings. So I'm gonna go take a hot lavender bubble bath, with some wine and a few candles.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upgrading my Cell Phone

OK everybody, I need some input here. I'm thinking about upgrading my phone and I don't know what I want.

I'm a Blackberry fan...I LOVE my BB Curve. However, my carrier, TMobile has been sold to AT&T, and I was told the other day that when the merger takes place AT&T will require all their customers to have a 4G phone.

And my BB has been acting up ALOT lately. It freezes up at the most inopportune times, and I can't get it to work again for more than an hour sometimes. I've upgraded ALL the soft ware and even had them do a factory reset. I'm STILL having problems.

SO...does BB make a 4G phone? Or should I go with an android?? TMoblie has a couple 4G's I've been looking at. But I honestly don't know much about them...

I've been looking at and researching the G2x and with the dual core processors it seems this is a super phone. I've read reviews for it and about 80% find it to be a great phone that they would recommend to someone else.

I've looked at BB's and so far they don't have any 4G phones listed on their website.

SO...give me your ideas, input, opinions. Let me know what phone you have, if you like it, would you buy it again, or are you going to be trading it in as soon as you can?

You can leave comments here on the blog or on the posting on my FB page. Don't let me down guys! I REALLY need help on this one!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Morning Prayer

Bless me Goddess

On this day,

Help me as I

Work and play

To receive your

Beauty now,

Give me strength

And please allow

This day to be

All it should be

In love I ask this

Blessed Be...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Musings

Last week, after all the excitement of the Blog contest died down, I found myself a bit lost, without a project and a little lethargic. I didn't have any one thing I was obsessing on, nor did I have the gumption to do much of anything for the rest of the week.

The remodeling of the sister's house is finally making some progress. Jimmy & Mike have taken off most of the old wooden siding and repaired any wood framing that had been water damaged. They've added some insulation and wrapped the entire house in preparation for the new siding. That was a nightmare in itself...

After spending hours deciding what type and color siding they wanted, off they went to get it ordered...just to have the WRONG color delivered on the first scheduled day and time. The driver takes it back, and the company calls to confirm the CORRECT color. Not a problem, we'll have it to you next week...Oh BTW, there's gonna be an additional charge due upon delivery. By this time Debra is LIVID! She has already given a deposit that should MORE than cover the cost of the siding.

Off we go, the four of us, to the siding company...AFTER Jimmy calls and gets a verbal estimate for the same exact color, size and square footage as what has already been ordered. (He just acted like he was a new customer) Arriving at siding company, we go through this long drawn out process BUT finally have the correct color, and size ready to be delivered on Friday. OOps! Once more in comes a phone call...We are sorry Mr ...., but we had a hard time getting your siding loaded in Wilmington and we can't get it delivered until tomorrow (Saturday) morning. OH!! THAT's NOT GOING TO WORK!!...we are going out of town, just deliver it early Monday morning.  OK, Mr ....., will do, see you Monday.

Saturday morning we are trying to get the van laded for the beach trip and guess what shows up? YEP! You guessed it, a flatbed, forklift and 9 square of siding. "Delivery was supposed to be changed to Monday". "I didn't get that message..."...FINE!, Just drop it over here... WOW!! What a mess this company has been since day one. *Note to NOT under any circumstances use ABC Materials for ANYTHING!!!

Anyway, after everything gets squared away, we loaded up the van and hit the road to Myrtle Beach and I was able to spend a few hours just absorbing the energy the sea offers. I love the sea, I get my sanity and strength from the ocean. We are going back in July, I am so excited to be able to spend an entire week just sitting in my chair next to the water, reading my nook or listening to the sound of the waves crashing on shore.

Just imagine, there's gonna be at least 8 of us in a 2 bedroom condo that easily sleeps 10 people, and Sis and I have already told everyone they are on their own for entertainment and food. With the exception of the main evening meal when we'll TRY to gather everyone up for some sort of structured dining experience, LOL!

I can just picture it, my beach chair, sunscreen, big floppy hat, my nook and iPod, cocktails and peace and tranquility. Ahhhhh...*insert contented SIGH here...LOL!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thanks To Everyone For Your Support

Well, the voting is over at Circle of Moms Top 25 Blogs of Faith, and out of the top 25 blogs 12 of them were written by Pagan Moms. Thanks to ALL of you, I was fortunate enough to finish in the top 25 at #25 with 3649 votes.

The number one spot was held by my friend Kris who writes Confessions of A Pagan Soccer Mom. This woman is such a treasure and I am blessed to call her friend. If you haven't found her blog yet, please take the time to do won't be disappointed.

Along this little journey, I have "met" some amazing women and I look forward to learning more about each of them and nurturing our friendship. It's going to be an adventure that's for sure...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks and Appreciation

Before my blog was nominated by someone over at Circle of Moms for their 25 Top Faith Blogs, I lived in obscurity here in blog land. I'd write my thoughts and feelings, post a link to my Facebook page and feel lucky if I had a comment or two on said posts. I had 7 or 8 "followers" and followed about 15 or so blogs from some of the most amazing ladies it has been my pleasure to "stalk".

Today, I logged in to Aoibheal's Lair, and find I have 44 followers AND someone posted a comment on a Facebook link saying she thinks I'm "fab". How cool is this?? I honestly don't write about much more than my everyday life, my loves, my fears, and my dreams...just like many others who put their life out there to be seen by the many or the few.

I am humbled by the thought that somewhere in any of the things I tend to ramble about, someone has found something to like enough to want to continue to read what I post. I thank you one and all... and I will try to keep posting more frequently.

You all are "FAB"...

Friday, June 3, 2011

An Open Message to Circle of Moms Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms

I honestly can't believe all the bickering, name calling and just plain ugliness that has come from the blog contest over at Circle of Moms. And today I find out there have been threats of harm to not only my friend who writes Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, but also a new friend who writes Journey to Beloved. What in the world is going on with some of you people???

The ones who claim to have a witness for Jesus are the ones who are being the most dramatic. I honestly don't understand how anyone who claims to be a Christian and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ can be so nasty and hate filled. Yes, you are "concerned for the salvation" of us Pagans, yes you want us to "be saved and seek the kingdom of God". But if what you are spewing in your blogs is the "only" way to meet the Savior, then I'm gonna have to pass.

You see, once upon a time, I too was a Christian. I read my bible, went to church and Sunday school. I was so active in my church, I didn't have/take time for anything else. I still know the scripture, I still remember some of the songs of praise we sang. However, there was SO much anger, competition, strife and unhappiness, I walked away from any organized religion. After searching for so many years, I finally found peace and most of all TOLERANCE.

Today I love everyone, I care about everyone, I don't judge and I don't condemn. If you want to be a Christian, I'm all for you following that path. Please don't push your beliefs off on me and anyone who doesn't believe the same as you. Please don't condemn those you don't understand and please find the love and compassion I know Jesus had in his heart for those who were different from him.

And most importantly STOP all the hatred and negativity you as Women of Faith have been spewing the past few weeks. Find the love I know you have in your heart, find the joy that is supposed to come from being a Christian, live the life you you have and then when it comes time to meet God in judgment there will be no reason for him to say to you, "Get thee gone, I never knew ye".

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Newest Little Witchling

Just about a week ago Jimmy and I were given the greatest gift... our newest granddaughter, Ravyn Isobel Foster. She was born May 26, 2011 at 12:09 AM, weighing in at 6lbs and a whopping 20 inches. To say we are over the moon would be such an understatement, we are beyond Blessed and I am so thankful to Goddess that both Ravyn and her Mommy are doing great!

Jimmy calls her Bella, and she already has him wrapped around her tiny little fingers. He checks on her every day, calling Tanya to see how "his" baby is doing. Yesterday he asked me if I'd talked to Tanya yet and when I said no, he picked up the phone, called and asked to speak to Ravyn. Tanya said  sorry Papa, she's eating right now and can't talk, so Jimmy says well, just have her call her Papa when she gets finished. 

As for me, I am looking forward to finding out which Goddess claims this Witchling and knowing who will be guiding and protecting Ravyn. I'm excited to be part of this new little life and to helping teach her the ways of our combined beliefs.  

 Welcome to the world Ravyn Isobel Foster...your family, all of us, loves you so very much...