Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Wrap Up

I know I promised you all an entry about the family tradition of our Christmas Eve open house, but I'm just not feeling up to cruising down memory lane tonight. Since I moved away from *home* in 1998, the holidays have been a very tough time for me. Even more so since I left Arizona all together back in 2002.

So, tonight, y'all get just the weekly wrap up of the uneventfulness (a Vickie-ism) that took place here in the Sandhills of North Carolina.

I *finally* removed the very last vestiges of the negativity that I have been under for the past year from the ex roomie and her family. We returned the car they *gave* us, we decided we had been used as a storage facility for this piece of crap, and since they weren't offering to help get it in running condition, it was towed back to their yard and parked.

We have our Yule/Christmas tree up and decorated, made some adjustments from last year, but it still looks great and I'm very happy with it.

I added a few things to the wreath for the front door and put it out as well.

Our house smells so great! I am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works wallflowers, I use them all year long but for the month of December I use the Fresh Balsam scent. I also have one of their 3 wick candles burning most of the day and then if I want a little boost, I use their super concentrated room spray. All in Fresh Balsam. I chose this scent, because I wanted an artificial tree so I could decorate right after Thanksgiving (a real/live tree won't last long enough to do that). Jimmy wanted a real/live tree and really missed the fragrance of a live tree. By using the Fresh Balsam scent, we both are happy, LOL!

Classes are going GREAT! I am currently in week 2 of my third class, it's English121, mostly grammar and how to construct a college level paper. So far so good... OH! My GPA for the 2 classes I've completed so far is a 4.0! I'm SO stoked, and YES, I know it's been relatively easy so far and will get more difficult as I go, but's been 35+ years since I have been in school and I get to prance a bit, LOL!!

Miss Ravyn is GROWING so fast, she's 6 months old, crawling all over, sitting up by herself, and pulling herself up on things. Papa says she's gonna be walking before ya know it. I don't think she's been feeling to well the past few days, she's been sleeping more than normal and wants to cuddle alot too. We just do what ever makes her happy and there isn't any problems...yeah, she's got us all wrapped around her finger already, LOL!!

Well, my Darlings, I think that's about all for this time. I'll be back again next Wednesday with more of my ramblings (which BTW, I am VERY grateful you continue to read my nonsense), so until then have a great week!


  1. Oh it is so nice to read your blog entry in a positive manner. I love your tree and the wreath they are very pretty. Congrats on school!! I am so proud of you.