Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Memories...Day 1

I don't know how many days I'm going to keep up with this, but I have a few memories I'd like to share. Thanks to my friend Rae, over at Unleashed Diva Living Out Loud for the inspiration.

My most favorable family holiday memory was actually after I was an adult and had kids of my own. My Mom and I would spend the entire weekend after Thanksgiving decorating the family home. It was a holiday spectacular both inside and out.

Living in the deserts of southwest AZ, it's really difficult to have the "traditional" Christmas, but my mom always pulled it off. Every tree in the 5 acres surrounding the ranch house was decorated with lights and we had REAL luminaries lining the whole driveway. I remember spending about an hour each evening replacing and lighting the votive candles in every brown paper bag we had set up.

The entire house was decorated with multicolor lights (she later changed to clear icicle ones), and the wreath on the front door was a sight to behold!

We used to do what she called "marathon shopping trips" because we lived about an hour south of Tucson and her favorite mall was Tucson Mall. We'd get up early on Saturday morning, hit the road and be there when the doors opened. We'd shop ALL day and leave when the mall closed. Drive an hour or so back to the ranch and then do it all over on Sunday. LOL!! We were shopping fools back then.

Her favorite store to shop at was Dillard's, where she had a credit card. On one of the trips to Dillard's we went to the Christmas dept and she found Department 56 collectables. She bought the entire Dickens Village that year! In following years she added a building or two and now her collection is almost as big as the ones displayed in the stores, LOL!

Stay tuned...there's a couple more. Next up our Christmas Eve open house and ALL the amazing Mexican food, YUMMMM!!


  1. I can see the luminaries! What a beautiful set of memories.

  2. Oh Vickie I love this!!! I would have loved to see it for myself I bet it was awesome to see those illuminaries and to go shopping WOW!!
    See this is the stuff that means alot to me family memories the good kind. Thank you for sharing this with me.

  3. Sounds like your Mom embodied the spirit of Christmas!