Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Welcome to Thanksvember! 30 Days Of Thanks"

I've been doing this on my Facebook page and let me tell you, it was a huge challenge to stick to it and come up with something different for 30 days. Today is the final day and instead of writing something cute or snarky on my timeline, I'm going to write the last entry here and link it to my page.

The last 30 days have been an emotional roller coaster for Jimmy & I. Technically, since May 2010, we have been what government agencies consider homeless. That is to say, we didn't have a lease or mortgage payment and the only bills we had in our name were the ones for Time Warner and T-mobile. Which BTW, do NOT count as utility bills. We lived with Tanya and Ed for a while, but then Ravyn was coming and they needed the room we were sleeping in for her. So April 1st, we moved...just down the street, into an unfavorable roommate situation.

I'm not going to go into alot of details, for those of you who have been following my blogs and FB page, most of the crap is posted if you want to try and catch up. Lets just say, living with a selfish, lazy, arrogant, irresponsible, disrespectful, manipulative,lying, narcissistic 27 year old is something I don't ever want to have to do again. The lies she told and the things she did were just so wrong.

We pay rent here to an amazing, kind hearted man, who would bend over backwards to help you out. All you have to do is be honest with him, something she just couldn't do. Even though she lived here and we moved in with her, we were the ones that paid our rent on time and took care of the house and yard. But, let something happen and all we would get it *it's MY house, you aren't on the lease and I'll do what ever I want*. Unfortunately, she made this statement and choice one too many times, the landlord found out and gave her a 30 day termination letter. Well, that didn't go over well at all, her mother (who MUST control every situation) had to get involved, told the landlord that _____ didn't understand the lease terms (mind you, she's lived here for 3 years) and convinced the landlord to give her one more chance. Which he agreed to BUT told her he was writing a new lease and putting Jimmy & I on it beginning December 1st. She said "OH HELL NO", packed what she could get into her car and went to live with her girlfriend...who lives with her parents.

To make a LONG story short, she FINALLY finished packing all her crap and moved out of here on the 9th of November. As soon as she was gone and had given the landlord her keys, I immediately cleansed and smudged the ENTIRE house to remove all the negativity we had been living under since April.

We have slowly begun to make this our home, it is such a peaceful place to be. We moved into the master bedroom with the attached bath and walk in closet. I love the bath tub, it's HUGE! I spend alot of time soaking, and using my candles and lavender bath salts.

Jimmy has the room we had already been using as an office all to himself with the exception of my new wireless all in one printer (I LOVE being in here and sending something to print in another room, LOL). He plays World of Warcraft, is in a guild that he enjoys and is on a raid team 3 nights a week. So he puts on his headphones, pulls the mic down and tunes out everything for 4 hrs 3 nights a week. Unless I need his help with Ravyn, he's great at stopping what he's doing to hold her or make a bottle or anything I might need.

The room that was our bedroom is now my Witchy room, I have my books, candles, incense, altar, desk and laptop there. I even brought a blanket in for the furbabies to sleep on and put it under my desk, since they have the need to be touching me at all times. Well, at least when I'm sitting still, LOL! I have my solitude to meditate, or write, or read or listen to music. And since the big bow windows face east, I can stay inside on cold nights and still so my full moon magic. We have peace once more in our lives.

I am slowly buying things for the rest of the house, we got a used sectional for the living room, and are using a wooden tray for an end table. I had brought my dishes and flatware when we left Raleigh so all I *needed* was a set of cookware. I got those before she moved, cause she packed the things she thought would inconvenience us the most in her first round of packing. Little did she know I was already prepared for her games, LOL!

We have a beautiful covered front porch where we are able to enjoy the North Carolina weather, right now it's cold and I don't spend too much time out there, but let it hit 65 or 70 degrees and I'm outside. If we are still here in the spring, we plan to work on the flower beds we started last spring and add some additional plants and shrubs.

My classes at Ashford are going well, today is day 2 of the final week of my second class. I've already done and posted the work I needed for this week, including the final draft of the 8 page reflective paper I had to write. So far my accumulative grade for PSY202 is 94.69% with the grades for last week not posted and then the grades for this the final week. I'll know my final grade by the end of the first week in December. I start my 3rd class English Composition on December 6th.

We still have Ravyn 5 night a week, Tanya is working and trying to save to buy herself a car, things just aren't going well in her life right now. Unfortunately, Jimmy & I aren't in a position to be able to help anymore than we are with taking care of Ravyn for her.

So to wrap up my Thanksvember, I'd like to give thanks for the peace we have been given, the ability for me to remove the toxic waste from my life and the chance to go forward from here and continue to live as Goddess guides us. It's been a tough November, but I feel we are finally on the right track.

Now I'm looking forward to Yule and Christmas!! We have our tree up, but not completely decorated because I *borrowed* decorations last year. Tanya gets paid this week and we are going shopping for decorations for her tree and our tree too. I can't wait to see Ravyn and her reaction to the lights... even though this will be a holiday on a budget, I have some ideas to make it memorable. I'm excited!!!

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