Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Made it Through

Irene has come and gone here in Hope Mills, NC. I haven't been anywhere except my front yard (the only catastrophe was the wind today blew over my lawn swing) to do any checking, so I can't positively say there was no destruction.

I have listened to the weather and news reports and from what I can determine, we were very lucky and sustained very minimal damage. While on the other hand, I've heard from some family and friends in the more northern path of this storm and some of them have experienced everything from downed trees, loss of power, and flooding.

So far the casualty list in NC has been set at 3...I'm hoping the loss of life for the entire east coast will remain minimal.


  1. Very glad to know that you are alright - it's a relief to see people along the east coast checking in. I'm with you on hoping that Irene's impact is not as harsh as it can be.

  2. I am glad you made it through ok!

    ~Lady Autumn Heather~

  3. I think we were a few of the lucky ones. I'm in NY and my house and car are just fine. A friend of mine who lives in NJ lost her deck; seriously, the rain took it. Thank goodness for insurance.