Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's Fumblings...

Last night's Full Moon was amazing! I was able to put away all the anger, and unsettledness (<<--Vickie ism), and just sit and absorb the energy from that bright shining light. Now, this morning I'm hoping I can implement some of the things revealed to me during my meditation. I didn't do spell work, I wasn't in a place where I felt stable and safe enough.

I've been having a difficult time the past few days. It's been brought back to me how much I need to be self sufficient and not rely on anyone for the important things. This is like an oxy moron for me... we don't have a vehicle so we are reliant on someone else to even get to the grocery. And as I was trying to resolve that issue, I asked someone to help me out. Let's just say I should have known better. Now I'm back to square one, doing things myself and hoping for a productive outcome.

On a more positive note, I did re commit to the 30 Days of Truth challenge and will be doing my best to complete all 30 days in a row this time...we'll see, LOL! First installment will be posted this evening sometime!

Have a wonderful day, I am really going to try. OH! The weather here in the sand hills of NC has cooled off a bit today, so I'm planning to be outside at least part of the day enjoying the mid 80's.

~xoxo, Vickie


  1. I had a similar experience last night. What a relief!

  2. I hope you get everything sorted out..also I am so jealous 80 degrees its like 101