Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upgrading my Cell Phone

OK everybody, I need some input here. I'm thinking about upgrading my phone and I don't know what I want.

I'm a Blackberry fan...I LOVE my BB Curve. However, my carrier, TMobile has been sold to AT&T, and I was told the other day that when the merger takes place AT&T will require all their customers to have a 4G phone.

And my BB has been acting up ALOT lately. It freezes up at the most inopportune times, and I can't get it to work again for more than an hour sometimes. I've upgraded ALL the soft ware and even had them do a factory reset. I'm STILL having problems.

SO...does BB make a 4G phone? Or should I go with an android?? TMoblie has a couple 4G's I've been looking at. But I honestly don't know much about them...

I've been looking at and researching the G2x and with the dual core processors it seems this is a super phone. I've read reviews for it and about 80% find it to be a great phone that they would recommend to someone else.

I've looked at BB's and so far they don't have any 4G phones listed on their website.

SO...give me your ideas, input, opinions. Let me know what phone you have, if you like it, would you buy it again, or are you going to be trading it in as soon as you can?

You can leave comments here on the blog or on the posting on my FB page. Don't let me down guys! I REALLY need help on this one!!!


  1. I think out a phone is has do everything you need it to. I have a Tmobile acct also and I have an LG D-Lite and I love it, but I'm simple I just wanted a camera and mp3 built in...and it's
    I like the T-mobile Touch and I know that style phone is used for Amway business associates...maybe that one can do what you need it to do. Hope that helps....Be Blessed*

  2. Honestly I love my little android phone. If my carrier does any upgrades I will stay with Android.

  3. Well, I don't have a 4G, but I do have android and I like it pretty good. Mine is a Samsung Intercept, but my folks have the HTC Evo, which is 4G. They like theirs pretty well, but lately my dad has been having trouble with his and I think it has something to do with his working conditions. It's been cutting off and on for no reason pretty consistently and he's going to have to do something with it eventually, but my mom hasn't had any trouble. Her working conditions are more friendly.
    My friend has a Droid and he worships that phone, until he starts to throw it around like he does with his other technology. lol
    Btw, my folks and I are with Sprint and he's with Verizon so I don't know how much this helps, but I thought any input was better than none. :)

  4. I LOOOOOVE my Android. Seriously. I've got a Droic X2, and I know you've got to go 4G, but seriously, Droids are great!

  5. I'm another Android lover, I have an Aria (which isn't 4G) but I love the Android OS, I also have an Android tablet. I love how customizable the OS is.

  6. Couldn't find it when I clicked through to your page, but wanted to let you know that Persephone's Side of the Story showed on my Google Reader and it was the best writing I've seen in ages. REALLY breathtaking. Thank you for posting it, for however short a time. It made my day.

  7. Foxglove, I'm not sure who you are, I've tried to access your profile but it seems you have it set to private.

    You have commented twice now and I wanted to express my thanks to you.

    Just a FYI, "Persephone's Side of the Story" is something I did for "31 Days of Deity" over at Pagan Mom Blog. Angela is running it through the month of July. I'm not sure which day it will be posted there, but after it is I plan to put it back here at Aoibheal's Lair.

    Let me know who you are and how I can "follow" you if I'm not already doing so...