Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of Those Weeks

On Monday I quit my job...I really hated that job. It should have been a piece of cake to do, but I didn't feel I had been given the training I needed to perform the requirements of the position. I was a Territory Assistant for Hallmark Cards.

Basically, I was required to visit 8 Walgreen's Stores in the Fayetteville, NC area and make sure the person they had hired to work in the Hallmark department knew how to do their job. Easy, right?? Nope, not if you don't have any idea what the hell the job description is and what you are supposed to be showing someone else to do. I did this job for 6 months and STILL don't know how to do Monday evening, I submitted my letter of resignation.

When I was hired, I was told I'd have someone to train and mentor me...OH! did I mention this was ALL done by email and phone calls? I didn't meet my supervisor until I had been "on the job" for 2 months. He was in Kansas and had NEVER been to NC...WOW! REALLY??

But the person that was gonna train me lived in Wilmington, just a short 2 hour drive from me and my "Territory". I saw her a grand total of 5 times in the last 6 months. When I did see her, or finally talk to her after leaving NUMEROUS voice mails, OR better yet, FINALLY get a reply to any of the multiple emails I sent to her, she ALWAYS gave me a vague and abstract answer to what ever issue I was having.

And don't get me started about the emails to my "manager" that I got absolutely NO response from. I have over 150 emails in the Hallmark sent folder in my business email account. And I'll give you odds that only about 10 of them have EVER gotten a reply.

So, I'm back among the ranks of the unemployed...AGAIN! Sheesh...

But, I have had some positive things happen this week and I gotta tell you, they by FAR out weigh the downer I was on. Most of you know, this little ol blog made it into the top 25 Blogs of Faith over at Circle of Moms...woot! I got an email a few days ago asking me to do a little bio of myself, answer a few questions and send along a photo so I can be "featured" in the Top 25 Blogs of Faith category. I am so psyched to be sharing this honor with some of the most amazing women it has been my pleasure to "meet". OK, not literally, but ya know what I mean.

And I'm also going to be participating in 31 Days of Deity that my friend Angela has put together over at her blog, Pagan Mom Blog. I've written a little thing about Persephone and how she views her "abduction and rape". It's a little dark, but hey, that's how she presents herself to me, and on a regular basis, I might add.

(Ya know, I *used* to know how to add the html tags to make links to other peoples pages, but I haven't used that talent in a while and it seems I've forgotten all that I knew, LOL! It's a bitch to get old, they say the mind is the first thing to go...hahaha)

Tuesday evening we had a major thunderstorm come through here, and found that the roof in the office leaks, ALOT. So the landlord came out yesterday, looked at it and today he brought his contractor by to see what the damage is. Apparently it is pretty bad cause they're gonna be here bright and early at 7AM tomorrow morning to fix the roof. So much for sleeping in, LOL! Not only did this storm show us the leaky roof, it also did some damage to my flower beds. We don't have gutters on the house, so all that rain pouring off the roof mangled my flowers and dug trenches in the beds. I showed this to the landlord too, and he's offered to spring for gutters, at least to the front part of the house so the rain will stop tearing shit up.

OH! Today I finally got off my ass and began the process to take some online classes through University of Phoenix. I want to own my own little Tea Shop/Pagan Book Shop, so I'm looking at a Bachelor Of Science In Business - Concentration In Small Business Management And Entrepreneurship...whew that's a mouthful!!! I spoke briefly to a counselor this evening and he's made arrangements to call back tomorrow so we can determine exactly what it is I need to do. I'll keep you all updated as to my progress IF I do actually go through with this.

Tomorrow is Faerie Day, so I have spent some extra time in my room at my alter, just meditating and praying for guidance. I'm going to use some of this extra time I have to get things back in order around my house. While everyone is gone from the house tomorrow, I'm going to use my white sage and smudge the entire house, light some incense a just do a general cleansing of the whole area.

Tomorrow night, I have made plans to leave some treats in my little garden for the Faeries, some honeyed milk, sweet cakes and some mead. Also found a few spark-lies for them to take back with them. I've cleansed the sea shells I brought back from the beach to use for setting out the treats...and I've got some soft lights to put up tomorrow so the light from the porch doesn't frighten them away.

Well, I think this is quite enough for tonight my darlings. So I'm gonna go take a hot lavender bubble bath, with some wine and a few candles.



  1. I really liked your prose on Persaphone. Where can I get a copy for my BOS (credit included naturally)


  2. Hi Illisse,

    Can you tell me where you saw my piece on Persephone? I haven't published it yet. After publication, I'll be happy to send you a copy. I'll need a way to contact you...

  3. Vickie,

    I use FeedDemon Lite to read blogs and it came through on the 22nd. There were 3 posts related to Persephone. Since you haven't published them yet I'm guessing that's why FD loses it's stuff when I try to click further! There can only be one reason - Faeries.


  4. Sorry about your job, but at least you can start to do something that will benefit you. As for all your good news I am so happy for you and wish you even more blessings in the future.
    Be Blessed*