Monday, March 28, 2011

So Much to Do & Good News From AZ!!

Seems I can never find the time to get it all accomplished. Now I'm so tired and achy, I just wanna take a HOT shower, find the Tylenol and crawl under my blankets.

We got the paint, along with the curtains for the bedroom today as well as the towels, shower curtain and all the necessary accoutrements  for the bathroom. Had planned to finish up the walls and begin painting today, but our trip to Home Desperate (as my fellow blogger Leeanne calls it) and then to that wonderful place called Walmart, took entirely too damn much time. Ahhh, tomorrow is another day.

I'm anxious to get everything painted and move in ready because A: Tanya needs this room for the nursery. Ravyn is due June 6th and there's a BUNCH to do to make ready for a little one. And B: I REALLY HATE MOVING!!! I want to get it done and over with as soon as possible, but with the cold, wet, weather we have had the past few days, it is virtually impossible for the repairs to be completed as soon as we'd hoped. And cold also makes me slow moving. Old age is a bitch!


We got a message from my niece today, my brother is doing MUCH better. His treatment has made a HUGE difference and his spirits are climbing and his health is improving as well. Even though he will never be cancer free, the doctors are pleased. This is such good news and I was so relieved to get it.

That's all for this Monday...I'm off to the shower!


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