Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Short, Short, Short

Just a few words tonight before I try to get some much needed sleep...

My day began by falling on the back deck as I let the Fur Babies out for their morning break. Seems that the rain we had yesterday decided it wanted to freeze overnight, so when I stepped out the door, whoosh went my feet out from under me. The top of my left foot is pretty scratched up and now BOTH of my knees are giving me hell instead of just the right one.

Then ummm, somewhere around 2ish, we went to the new house and painted the bedroom. It's now a delightful shade of blue. Somewhere between periwinkle and ocean. All I know is it matches almost perfectly the floral design in the pillow shams for our bed. :) Next up in the bedroom is re installing the shelving/closet organizer and adding the room darkening curtains. Since the windows are an East facing, bay type, 48 inches wide EACH (there's 2 of them side by side with a 4 inch space between them) and we live in NC where it *can* get warm before noon, and I wanted to have the ability to keep out some of the excess heat, I just felt room darkening curtains were the way to go...

I got most of our bathroom taken care of as well, new shower curtain, new bath mat, new towels...etc. And since Becca (our room mate) had already painted the walls a lovely shade of pale lavender, I just added colors in dark royal purple. Any of you who know me, know this is my absolute FAVORITE color and I am beyond the moon to have it in my house in some way...finally! LOL!! All that's left for the bathroom is a storage cabinet that will fit over the toilet and a smaller rug...I *eyeballed* the space in front of the tub and was off by OH 6 or 7 inches, LOL! I'm keeping the one that's too big, putting it in front of the sink and just adding a smaller one for in front of the tub/shower.

It's possible we may be able to begin moving as soon as this coming weekend. We need to see about a truck to move the larger items, the bed, chest of drawers and the 2 desks, and are hoping our friend is not working and able to help. It's all up in the air for now.

Tanya has chosen the *theme* for Ravyn's room and if anyone had any doubts, y'all can put them to rest now. Of course it's gonna be Tinkerbell! After we get moved out of here, I'll more than likely be back frequently to help paint and put up wall paper borders just above the chair rail with Tink and her friends. Good thing we're only gonna be a couple blocks away.

Well all, that's it for tonight. The pain meds are finally beginning to work and I'm getting drowsy. Tomorrow's another day, it's supposed to rain, so look for me curled up with my Cuddle Puppies and the Nook.

Love to ALL!

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