Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Been One of THOSE Days

For anyone who doesn't know me, Mercury in retrograde is NOT a good time for me. And while it probably won't or doesn't effect many people in an adverse way, I am among the few who will have the absolute worst possible time with the next 24 days until it goes direct on April 23rd. 

When Mercury retrograde happens, we "could" just hide (that's what I wanna do). But since most of us can't afford that luxury, I need to figure out what I should put on pause, and what I actually need to do to survive.

This is a good time to *re*read, *re*view, *re*consider, *re*write, *re*charge and *re*do some projects.  Ya know, those things that begin with *RE*. Sometimes during Mercury retrograde things that have been lost will mysteriously *re*turn to you. All I know is for me personally, when Mercury goes into retrograde, I become an emotional wreck. I stress over everything, I am more susceptible to crying (at the drop of a hat) for no good reason, I have uncontrollable panic attacks, I get angry a whole lot easier over stupid shit, to put it plainly and simply, I become the Bitch From Hell…and the more I try to control my emotions, the more out of control they become. 

Knowing this was going to happen, I really tried to prepare for anything that could possibly happen today. I drank LOTS of water, I meditated, I made a concentrated effort to control my emotions. And I thought I was doing a good job...until about 6:00. I had my music going, enough candles lit that my room looked like a catholic church, I'd tried grounding, extra meditation, chanting...nothing has helped. I'm even sitting here now with just candles burning, no electric lights on at all except those coming from my monitor. And I still can't shake the *unsettlednesses* (It's a Vickie ism).

Oh yeah, it was a rainy, cold day too...and everybody knows how well I deal with those types of days. But even snuggling with Calliope & Chaos under the comforter with the Nook and cinnamon tea didn't make a difference. So, I'm done for today. I'm getting into bed, pulling the covers over my head and *hoping* that tomorrow will be better...and any improvement over today will be a significant one in my book.

Good Night All,

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