Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miracles Happen Every Day...Don't They???

So, yesterday via Facebook, I find out there is an urgent request for prayer for someone in my family in Arizona. My first gut reaction was OMG! What has happened to my mother? She's 77 and a diabetic with many other health issues, it makes perfect sense for me to go into a minor panic mode. Especially since NO ONE in Amado would bother to contact me IF something did happen to her.

After some phone calls, I finally find out NO it's not my mother, it's my brother. And they have done a biopsy to determine if he really does have stage 4 cancer. They found a lump, mass, blob, growth, {insert which ever descriptive word you choose, here}, in one of his lungs and they think it has also gone into the bones in his lower back. Results *should* be back today or tomorrow...I thought it was yesterday or today...

All day yesterday I was in a fog, I can't tell you what I ate, drank or what time I finally went to sleep. Today hasn't been much better. I tried to do some work, thankfully I can work from home, so being scatterbrained wasn't noticed by anyone but me. I haven't found much comfort in the usual things.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Keep a constant prayer going and light a healing candle...

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