Monday, January 10, 2011

Have I Told You Lately....

how VERY much I do not like snow and the cold weather?

When we lived in Maryland, it was a given that I'd be cold. But even though everyone warned me about exactly how cold I'd be and that I'd need to make sure I layered my clothes and wore two pair of socks in my boots, it didn't *seem* to be as cold as I was anticipating. Oh yeah, it was cold, and coming from Scottsdale AZ where it 103 when we left on that September day, the winters still didn't make me want to catch the quickest way back to the desert. We lived in MD for 4 years and it snowed every winter we were there.

Then we moved to Michigan and I learned the TRUE meaning of cold and seasonal depression. Very quickly I grew to absolutely hate the weather in MI. If it wasn't hot & humid, it was windy & rainy, or cold and snowing. And it seemed like I could NEVER get warm. We spent 2 winters in the Detroit area, the first of which we lived in an older home with questionable insulation, where our bedroom was in the basement. Thank Goddess for the invention of electric heaters! That first winter I stayed mostly in the house, wrapped in my blankets and wondering if spring was ever going to show up. Thankfully it did and I once again found my humanity.

The next winter, I worked all winter. And let me tell you that was an experience, LOL! I didn't know how to drive in the snow and ice, so Tanya or Jimmy drove me to and from work. Mostly Tanya, because when Jimmy wasn't working his *real* job, he spent ALOT of time in a snowplow or salt truck.

Now here we are in North Carolina. When we moved here from MI, Jimmy tells us "it doesn't get cold or snow in the area we are going to in NC, so you don't need to bring all your heavy winter things" Yeah right! This is now our 3rd winter here and it has snowed at least two times each winter, not to mention the ice. Oh and the wind blowing cold! I don't have my warm boots, I don't have my heavy coat and I don't have my electric blanket...dammit! So, I'm in the house, curled up in my bed with the heating pad because it's snowed ALL day and now we are having ice...and it's not even supposed to break 30 degrees tomorrow!


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