Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Usually, I'm pretty upbeat about the beginning of a new year. And to be honest, it's there, just buried a bit deeper than normal this year. I really am looking forward to 2011. And with the attitude adjustment I gave myself last night, this coming year holds lots of promise.

I have SO many things to be thankful for:

I am on speaking terms with ALL my kids...and I love and miss the ones I don't see too often. And even though MD is only about 6 hrs away, I just can't see anyway to get there, at least not any time soon...hmmmm, maybe a summer trip?  I have 6 of the most beautiful grand daughters with another due in June. Even though we are all spread out over most of the south eastern US, I get pictures from them all on a regular basis, which keeps me caught up on how the girls are growing and changing.

For the most part I am healthy. Over the past few weeks I have developed a cough that seems to come out of no where, I *feel* it's because I live in a house with 3 smokers and I've been overcome by second hand smoke. The biggest issue I'm having is my constant battle with my weight. But coming from a family that is predisposed to being overweight and having diabetes, I count myself pretty damn lucky that my only issue is the extra poundage, and not the diabetes.

Jimmy and I are doing great. And even though neither one of us is working (OK, I DO have the Hallmark thing, but it's not making me rich), the one thing we are completely sure about is our commitment to each other. We have even talked about getting married sometime this year...possibly in the fall, since that IS my favorite season.

I'm considering going back to school...yeah I know, Vickie you are gonna be 55 this year! What the hell are you thinking? Well, I found out there is a program with the Department of Education Financial Aide, that can *forgive* my previous defaulted student loans, and after being in this program for 60 days, my default will be removed from my credit report and I 'll be eligible for financial aide, IF I'd like to go back and get a degree. So, I've been checking out the various colleges that are accredited AND have a degree program. So far, I'm leaning towards a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business-Concentration in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

For as long as I can remember, and more so since I came out of the broom closet, I have wanted to own a Pagan Tea Shop. I have dreams about this, I see this in everything I do...but up until now, I couldn't imagine a way to make it work. With a degree and being a single female, I have found there are LOTS of places to go to get help in starting a business. So, this is my one unshakable goal for 2011, to begin my journey to financial stability. I know it won't be easy. Yeah, I know, I sure waited a LONG time to begin this trek, but I'm here now and I'm going to give it my all...

So if my single mindedness in achieving this goal sometimes confuses you, just remember,  it, at times, confuses me too...

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  1. Hubby went back to school the Fall of 2009 (after being laid off of work in 2008) at the age of 52. He now has a degree in Computer Technology and is working on his certification in Computer Forensics. I think older students have a better understanding & a greater appreciation of school. Take advantage of all the resources out there that are available to you! Best of Luck to you!