Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Winter Holidays...

...are usually some of the happiest days for me. But this year, I have been  so *disconnected* and really haven't had much holiday spirit. I'm not  gonna whine, just saying that being unemployed for most of the year was a  huge factor in my *scroogism*.

I did muster enough enthusiasm over  the past 3 days (and for the life of me I cannot figure out how my  mother was able to do all the holiday baking/cooking she did for all  those years, I am more than exhausted) to make 5 different kinds of  fudge, which is what most people around here got for gifts from us...I  also wanted to mail some to MD, but couldn't afford the postage. I'm  hoping next year will be better for all of us and postage won't such a  worry...*sigh*.

For the most part, I did have a good couple of days.  Last night was the Foster family get together, dinner was ummmm, OK,  passable. At least the turkey wasn't dry this time. And I snitched the  sacred recipe for her top secret, handed down through the generations,  Graham Cracker Dessert. She told me she couldn't *give* it to me, so I  found her recipe book and now it's mine, all mine...(insert evil laugh  here, LOL).

This morning, Little Man got some cool presents, some  fun, and some for learning. Ed stole the show, he had the ring that  Angel gave to Tanya repaired. One of the prongs had broken and she had  lost the stone out of it. It took some searching but he was able to find  a jeweler who worked some mighty big magic and got it repaired/stone  replaced (not an easy was a heart shaped ruby) in time for  Christmas.

Ed got a couple new games for his XBox 360, and his  Dad got him a Pittsburgh Steelers Jacket and gloves.

Jimmy got  the expansion pack for World of Warcraft...Cataclysm, and he's already  leveled up a NEW toon to level 10, so he's pretty stoked.

Me...I  get to go to my MOST favorite place, (maybe tomorrow if it doesn't snow  too much here tonight) Barnes & Noble...I told them to just take me  and drop me off for at least a couple of hours. I did get some scented  candles, and a heated vibrating neck massager. With the hopes that it  will help with the headaches I seem to be having more frequently as of  late.

All in's been an OK couple of days. The ONLY thing  that could have made them better would have been for Mylia & Chey  and Justin, Tiffany and their girls to have been here too...

That  is my wish for next year...