Friday, June 11, 2010

Answers to some of your questions…

It has been very difficult for me to get online and put all of this into words for those of you who have asked why I haven't been available lately. I know you are concerned and worried. I hope after reading this you will have a better idea of what is going on and why I have for the most part been hiding. I'm having a hard time facing reality right now, and sleeping, reading or playing mindless games either online or just on my computer have been the only way I have been able to maintain what little bit of sanity I still possess.

As most of you know, I have been unemployed since February 17th of this year. The company I worked for had 3 accessory kiosks in Cary Towne Center Mall that weren't making any money. The owner could barely pay my wages, let alone the monthly rent or the wages of the 2 part time employees who also worked there. And with the minimal amount of money the carts were making, there was absolutely no way they could keep enough stock ordered for the carts. As a result I found myself in an awkward position…not enough income to order new merchandise…and not enough merchandise to meet the daily sales goals. On Wednesday February 17th at 10:45PM, I received a text message from the *district manager*letting me know I no longer had a job, the owner was closing the carts, and someone was already on their way to pack up what merchandise was still on the carts and take said merchandise to the partner in Atlanta. And because I hadn't worked for this company for 6 months I wasn't eligible for unemployment benefits.

Shortly after that, Tanya also lost her job and moved to Hope Mills with her guy. We went from having three incomes in the household to one income…Jimmy was the only one who was still working. We fell behind with the rent and utility payments, and were living from one disconnect notice to the next. Our landlord was willing to work with us to a point. Each week we were able to buy just enough groceries to survive, and put gas in our car for Jimmy to make it to work for one more week. This car has multiple issues and too many things that need to be repaired. But, it still runs, at least for the time being. OH…BTW, did I mention we are running it illegally? The tags expired in 2008… To get it registered and licensed here in NC, we would need to put an outrageous amount of money into it to just get it to pass the inspection for licensing. Before I lost my job, we were trying to save enough for a down payment on a different car, one that would be legal on the streets and highways of NC. So much for the best laid plans.

On Wednesday May 26, 2010 Jimmy lost his job. This was the week we were supposed to give our landlord some money towards the past due amount we kept accruing. We talked to our landlord to let him know what had happened…we didn't want to get served with an eviction notice on top of everything else. He was very understanding, but also let us know he couldn't carry us any longer. He gave us until Friday June 4th to either give him a substantial amount of the money we owed him, or we were going to need to move.

After MUCH discussion, we decided to pack up what we could and move to Hope Mills. We are now living with Tanya & Ed in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, doublewide on a fenced lot. There are 5 of us, along with 7 fur babies and so far, the job search hasn't produced any positive results. (It's only been a little over a week, but I was hoping for at least something part time) We have internet, but as of this coming Sunday, June 13th we will once again be WITHOUT telephone. So if you send me a message and I'm a bit slow to reply, please be patient with me…depression SUCKS!

At least we aren't homeless…

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ch ch ch changes....

I haven't spent any time here in the past month or so, there have been SO many changes that have taken place. I don't have the time or the mind set to bring everyone up to date this evening. I promise you that I will make an effort to get back here Wednesday or Thursday and let everyone know what has been going on in my little world.

I love you all...and I miss writing about the happenings in my life.