Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UNEMPLOYED....again, *sigh*!

Yep, that’s right, AGAIN! This time it came as a complete shock…I worked my regular shift, and Melissa came in that Wednesday night to work the closing shift. After the mall closed and everyone had gone home for the night, I got a text message (yes, a TEXT MESSAGE) from the *regional manager*, telling me that the owner of the company was closing the carts and I no longer had a job. Sheesh…

So, since February 17th, 2010 I have been unemployed.

And it seems that NO matter which field I search in, I am unable to find some sort of employment. I have tried everything from Administrative/Office, Customer Service, Retail/Wholesale, Salon/Spa/Fitness to believe it or not transportation. Yeah, I have even tried to find something where I could deliver auto parts or flowers or something like that.

It’s getting extremely frustrating at this point. And on top of that, we have only one car at the moment, so, it’s doubly difficult to find something with the hours I have available to work. I’m not sure about the public transit in this area. So, even though some would say take the bus, Jimmy is very cautious and neither one of us is positive the bus would be the right fit for me. Especially since I am a HUGE chicken and don’t like doing new things for the first time by myself. I’d probably get lost, get off at the wrong stop or miss my stop all together. Then I’d have a panic attack, and end up having to go back home for the day anyway.

It’s a never ending cycle, LOL!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


...ahhh, those infamous words from a classic dating back to 1981. Clash of the Titans with Harry Hamlin, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Claire Bloom, and Burgess Meredith, just to name a few distinguished actors.

This movie was one of my all time favorites, telling the story of young Perseus, who having fallen in love with the beautiful Andromeda, must overcome a myriad of obstacles. This was an incredible interpretation of the classic Greek Myths, bringing to life Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Cassiopeia and who can forget Medusa?

Well, now there is a remake, in 3D no less. From the trailers I have seen, this edition promises to be packed with action, combat, special effects and of course the love story between Perseus and Andromeda. So, I have been saving my pennies and I am planning to be at the theater this weekend when the 3D version hits the screen.

I am anxious to see how they made Medusa uglier and more frightening, if that is possible. I’m looking forward to seeing the mightiness of Zeus, the hostility of Hera, and the passion that only Aphrodite can bring to the story line. But more importantly, I want to see if producers were able to keep the dignity of this movie classic. More times than not, when a movie is *re-made*, the storyline from the original production is completely lost. I hope this isn’t the case this time. I am hoping the integrity of the story is maintained.

We’ll see…I’ll let you know what I felt AFTER I see the new version.

Monday, March 29, 2010


One of my friends who is a teacher of Middle School children has signed up for the 500 words per day challenge. After following her blogs for a few days, I checked out the link she has on her page and decided that there was absolutely no way I would be able to write 500 words each day. So, luckily for me, there were a couple more options. One for 1,000 words and then the one that works for me: 250 words!

So, I will *try* to write at least 250 words each day and I'm anxious to see if I can meet this challenge. I don't consider myself a *writer*, but I have always thought it would be a good thing to put the crazy things that run around in my head down on paper. I know plenty of people who can just belly on up to the keyboard and write a *gazillion* words without giving it a minutes thought. When I grow up I wanna be like that...

So for today, here is my entry...did I make 250 words? I don't think so, but if I did happen to somehow stretch this into a viable entry, so much the better for me. LOL!

**Yes, I counted the damn words. My first entry for the challenge made it to 200 words BEFORE this edit. I figure this isn't too bad for an old lady, who has no formal training and has to search her pea brain for something other than just the simplest way to express herself. So with this edit, I have now made it to 271 words. I'm pretty proud of myself today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As the Darkness Surrounds Me

As the darkness surrounds me, I sit here, wondering what shall be said this time. Will it be the norm of things such as this? Or will it be something wonderful, something different, something that makes you think?

Read between the lines. Take a chance and look through the eyes of chaos. Seek, you shall find.

The rain pours down, soaking the world. Lightning flashes, making everything brilliantly lit. As the Earth unleashes it's fury on those that have made themselves unsuspecting yet are still deserving, I wander through the rooms in my mind. Searching for that one thing that was lost, I find things that should never have been placed there.

These images play in my mind, like a movie that is on repeat, never ending, never forgetting. Blood streaks the screen, slowly dripping down, making puddles on the floor. I frantically search for the stop button, and when that fails, I find the cord, and pull the plug. The memories don't stop, so I am forced to turn my back. Which I do, with difficulty.

I carry on to the next room, wiping dust from the boxes of memories. I begin to open them, one at a time. Slowly, ever so slowly, I begin to find what I was looking for. As the last piece of the puzzle is placed within the collage, I see the whole picture. I see what I was missing.

Throughout this entire time, I never once realized the voices in the back of my head. The one that stands out the most is a voice that I will now follow. The voice of love. The voice that took control of my emotions and reactions. Safe and secure within the cocoon, I am lulled into sleep.

When I awaken, deep inside the maze of my mind, I see a pair of unknown eyes staring at me. I drown in these eyes, never once having a chance to grab a hold of anything to stop myself. Later, I find, that I never would have known this sweet surrender if I had stopped myself.........

As the visions that swirled within my head become reality, I know that this is my life. A never ending story of deceit and lies which wraps itself around me like the silken threads of a spider's web, trapping me in this existence. The pattern repeats itself over and over, forcing me to deal with it. Having no choice, my life becomes full of Vindictive Chaos.

Yes, this was written by me in one of my more darker moments...~xoxo~,V

The Salem Witch Trials

Throughout history, examples can be seen of persecution against people that others didn't understand. People are scared of the unknown, and can, if left to run rampant, cause mass hysteria. It happened during World War II, and even earlier than that in Salem, Massachusetts, in the late 1600's.

Most have heard the tale in some form or another, and most know that it's a direct result of several girls accusing the women of Salem of witchcraft. Around the web, if you've explored any Wiccan sites, you've undoubtedly run across some with their banners proclaiming "The Burning Times -- never again!" While the Salem Witch Trials were a tragedy, as much so as those who died earlier in history in Europe for similar reasons, there is possibly a reason behind the behavior that started the problems in the first place.

One must understand the way of life in the late 1600's. While settlers had arrived in America, the US Constitution wasn't drawn up until 1787, and we didn't even declare our independence from England until 1776. In the early colonial times, there was a strict way of life under religion, as the King of England believed it should be. At this time, the Puritan religion was the strength and backbone of Salem, and consisted of strict rules. For example, among the Puritan children, a child of six was expected to act as an adult! Additionally, anything new or different was probably brought about by the devil, according to them.

At the beginning of the whole issue, Reverend Parris was elected the minister of the community, but wasn't popular. It was his daughter and his niece, Abigail Williams, who became ill in 1692. They enjoyed the tales of a Barbados slave girl, Tituba, and often invited their friends to listen to her tales, as well. Their illness was described as involving convulsions and delirium. One of the friends soon followed with the inexplicable sickness, and clergy and doctors watched baffled, as the girls would shout nonsensical things, contort their bodies, and simply act unusual.

Because a natural explanation was absent, they turned to the supernatural -- such was the way of life. Immediately, it was decided that the girls were bewitched, under a spell. In those days, witchcraft was part of the devil's work (and sadly, is still considered to be so, regardless of how many say Wicca isn't about devil worship, but I digress). When coherent, the girls were forced to point the finger at the person(s) who were the cause of the spell. Three were originally named -- Sarah Good, Sarah Osborn, and Tituba, the slave girl.

Sarah Osborne declared her innocence; Sarah Good, in turn, pointed the finger at Sarah Osborne; and after a lashing, Tituba spoke of a white-haired man who forced her to sign the devil's book, and spun tales revolving around animals. She claimed that undiscovered witches lived amongst them, and longed to destroy their peaceful Puritan society... which is exactly what happened. The hunt for witches began.
New women and men were fingered as witches, and in May of 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began, and turned into pandemonium. By this point, the girls originally affected, whether it had degenerated into lies they didn't feel they could fess up to or not, were a presence in the courtroom and boldly announced when one of the accused were doing things to them. Martha Cory, they said, would wring her hands, and it would harm the girls physically.

Their drama filled the courtroom, and those of 'good and pure' souls ate it up, believing every word about people they'd known their whole lives. These girls, who were 'possessed' or 'tormented' would cry out the names of those afflicting them in the town, and that was considered enough evidence to charge a person with witchcraft.

This type of accusation, followed by hangings and other such executions went on for a year and those in prison on witchcraft charges, along with five awaiting execution, were pardoned in May of 1693.

The mystery still lies in ... what happened? Were the stories Tituba told so frightening to the young Puritans that they became ill? Did they just want some attention, and the lies grew to such proportions that they felt they couldn't take them back? Or was it something more natural?

One theory is that all of the behavior can be explained away by a diseased plant. Ergot, claviceps purpurea, affected many through history. In Europe, prior to the Salem Witch Trials, no one knew what it was, but they called it Holy Fire. Ergot is caused by a fungus growing on rye and other cereal grains. In the days of the colonies, they survived by farming, and if this hallucinogenic fungus was consumed, it held the same symptoms that the girls originally suffered with. It acts similar to LSD, and interferes with the neurotransmitter, serotonin. Additionally, it develops after especially wet seasons, which fits with the weather patterns that year.

When the symptoms of the original two developed, they screamed words of blasphemy to the Puritan community, had convulsive seizures, went into trance-like states, and complained of ants crawling on them. All of these are consistent with symptoms brought on by ergotism.

No one at the time knew anything about ergot, so no cure would be known, and because of the way of thinking during the time, they blamed something that they weren't able to understand, and linked it to the devil, since it had to be bad to cause such illness and behaviors. While it's true that they had no knowledge of true witchcraft, it was not a direct jab at Wicca. Even today, those that don't understand it point the finger at the devil.

Just like today, ignorance, and the lack of willingness to understand, or to even attempt to, is the root of the problem.


Loyalty is a word that people seem to find a myriad of definitions for. Some people have loyalties that shift as the winds change course. They view loyalty as their own means to an end.

It's not like that.

To me, loyalty is not a word. It is a concept, an understanding...a way of life. Loyalty is the thread that weaves your world together and binds your life to your ideals and the ones you love. It is the leash that those who love you use to try to keep you from doing something rash or dangerous to yourself.

Loyalty means that you face down whomever and whatever you must face in order to keep those who rely on you safe and secure. It's an ideal that cannot be structured and it's an emotion that causes you to often look out for others before you look out for yourself.