Monday, April 19, 2010

Mercury In Retrograde

To most people Mercury in retrograde means duck and cover…

This is a time of flight delays, computers crashing, and intense serious arguments. It also rivals the New Moon for statistically counted incidents of sheer craziness and if there is a New Moon during retrograde, hold onto your hat! Even the people who don't have any idea what's going on in the astrological system ask "What's going on?". 

When Mercury retrograde happens, we "could" just hide (that's what I wanna do). But since most of us can't afford that luxury, I need to figure out what I should put on pause, and what I actually need to do to survive.

This is a good time to reread, review, reconsider, rewrite, and redo some projects. Sometimes during Mercury retrograde things that have been lost will mysteriously return to you. All I know is for me personally, when Mercury goes into retrograde, I become an emotional wreck. I stress over everything, I am more susceptible to crying (at the drop of a hat) for no good reason, I have uncontrollable panic attacks, I get angry a whole lot easier over stupid shit, to put it plainly and simply, I become the Bitch From Hell…and the more I try to control my emotions, the more out of control they become. 

Today is a perfect example of that. I am overtired from my amazing weekend getaway at CSQ, spent with my wonderful Spirit Sisters, and although I woke up in a good mood, I have been crying off and on all morning. And there is absolutely nothing I can put my finger on to have caused these crying bouts. Should I chalk it up to being tired? Possibly. Is it an effect of Mercury retrograde? Probably. How am I going to deal with the emotional roller coaster I have found myself on? Good question…first I'm going to adopt the "pick your battles" strategy. When something challenges me I am going to try to take a step back and determine if it's really a challenge or if I honestly need to confront the issue. OK, for those of you who know me, this is NOT one of my better qualities…I normally jump into things head long without much consideration. But for the next few weeks, well, at least until Mercury goes direct on May 11th at 6:27EST, I will try to control myself and my impulses.

But I'm giving you all fair warning…if you intentionally piss me off, the game is ON and I can almost guarantee you won't like the outcome. So please…for the next 24 days, cut me a little slack, don't make me cry, don't piss me off and don't upset me in any way. I know, I know, it's not your responsibility to make my life easier…just help me out a little is all I'm asking, OK??

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