Tuesday, March 30, 2010


...ahhh, those infamous words from a classic dating back to 1981. Clash of the Titans with Harry Hamlin, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Claire Bloom, and Burgess Meredith, just to name a few distinguished actors.

This movie was one of my all time favorites, telling the story of young Perseus, who having fallen in love with the beautiful Andromeda, must overcome a myriad of obstacles. This was an incredible interpretation of the classic Greek Myths, bringing to life Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Cassiopeia and who can forget Medusa?

Well, now there is a remake, in 3D no less. From the trailers I have seen, this edition promises to be packed with action, combat, special effects and of course the love story between Perseus and Andromeda. So, I have been saving my pennies and I am planning to be at the theater this weekend when the 3D version hits the screen.

I am anxious to see how they made Medusa uglier and more frightening, if that is possible. I’m looking forward to seeing the mightiness of Zeus, the hostility of Hera, and the passion that only Aphrodite can bring to the story line. But more importantly, I want to see if producers were able to keep the dignity of this movie classic. More times than not, when a movie is *re-made*, the storyline from the original production is completely lost. I hope this isn’t the case this time. I am hoping the integrity of the story is maintained.

We’ll see…I’ll let you know what I felt AFTER I see the new version.

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